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Two Way Radios, Walkie Talkies & GPS

Accessories - Earpiece & Microphone

A selection of Two Way Radio Earpieces & Microphones to fit most of the leading manufacturers equipment designed to be comfortable, offer excellent audio quality with simple to operate press to talk buttons.

£89.99 + V.A.T.

Bluetooth 3-Piece Wireless PTT Kit

The Bluetooth 3-Piece Wireless PTT Kit is an excellent new addition to our catalogue, as it enables the user to operate their unit without wires from up to 10m away from the radio itself. The three-piece kit includes a Bluetooth Dongle to attach to the radio, a Wireless earpiece with boom microphone, and a Remote Control PTT Button attachable to a Necklace. Also included are the Charger, Velcro Strips for adaptability, a Multi-Charging Jack and User Manual.

£18.99 + V.A.T.

Max-41 Ear-hook with PTT & Lapel Mic

This rubber earhook with Mic & inline PTT switch is comfortable to wear, very secure and offers clear audio quality ideal for security.

£19.99 + V.A.T.

Max-42 Covert Ear-hook, PTT Lapel & Mic

The same as Max-41 but flesh coloured making it ideal for the more covert operations.

£18.99 + V.A.T.

Max-45 Ear-bud with PTT Lapel Mic

A high quality ear bud with rubberised lapel mic PTT & clip - Mobile phone style - ideal for covert security work, as operators blend with standard mobile users.

£18.99 + V.A.T.

Max-55 D Shape Ear-Mic with inline PTT switch

A quality D-shaped earpiece with inline lapel Mic and clip designed to be hygenic and comfortable.

£27.99 + V.A.T.

Max-59D D Shaped 2 wire Surveillance Kit.

A rugged surveillance 2 wire kit with D shaped over ear and PTT designed to run down the sleeve. The D shaped is ideal where accessories are worn by more than one user as no contact is made with the inside of the ear.

£29.99 + V.A.T.

Max-59 Acoustic 2 wire Surveillance Kit.

A rugged surveillance 2 wire acoustic tube with PTT designed to run down the sleeve, ideal for noisy environments. It provides soft crystal clear audio ideal for undercover work.

£38.99 + V.A.T.

Max-60 3 wire acoustic kit Surveillance Kit

A new high quality 3 wire kit with acoustic tube, designed to offer excellent audio quality and a simple covert communications. The barrel PTT fits neatly down the sleeve and the lapel microphone can be discreetly mounted.

£18.99 + V.A.T.

Max-65 Boom Microphone with lapel PTT switch

D Shaped over-ear with ear-bud boom microphone & lapel PTT, comfortable & simple to use - clear transmission is obtained by the microphone being close to the mouth preventing unwanted noise

N.B. The Max range of accessories are designed to fit most of the leading manufacturers two way radios, should there be a problem with compatibility we will notify you immediately your order is received by our sales team.

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