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Ofcom Licencing Service

How we can assist with your Ofcom PBR licence application

Maximon Solutions are approved by OFCOM to supply licensed radio equipment. When you purchase your radio equipment we will advise and assist you in the completion of all the necessary application forms required to operate Private Business Radios.

For Our full OFCOM Licensing service we will complete all of the required paperwork and applications in your name from only £150+VAT making the whole process even more simple.


There are two main variants to the private business radio licenses as follows :

a) On-site Radio Licences – currently vary according to the service offered and the congestion within the area, from £75.00 p.a. to £200.00 p.a., and the fees are payable direct to OFCOM.

b) The new U. K. simple licence – costs only £75.00 and covers you anywhere in the U. K. for five years, for up to 16 channels. This is ideal for many mobile radio users who need that little extra range over PMR446.

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