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A guide to the range of traditional radios!

The range over which two portable radios can talk will largely depend upon the terrain or possibly obstacles in their path.

Range is very difficult to determine. For instance, 2 radios talking 20 miles apart from hilltop to hilltop is quite possible.

However, the same radio radios may only manage 500 yards if large buildings are in the way.

Radio waves travel in straight lines very much like light waves cannot bend but they can be reflected and even bounce.

Terrain is therefore the most important consideration in deciding how far radios will actually talk to each other.

Other factors that may affect range:

  • Antenna Positioning – Keep it VERTICAL
  • Radio Height – Holding your radio higher will improve range
  • Proximity to the body – Radios on belt clips and in pockets may be convenient but they will reduce the range drastically due to absorption.

Alternatively, to increase a systems range you can utilise local or talk through base stations to improve your radios coverage

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