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Generation 1 – ATN Night Leopard

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ATN Night Leopard – Night Vision Monocular

No longer available

SEE LIKE A CAT IN THE DARK! OUR NEW NIGHT LEOPARD IS A TOP-NOTCH COMPACT NIGHT VISION MONOCULAR. A new super fast lens system combined with a high resolution Gen. 1-Plus light intensifier tube gives the user an unparalleled bright image in a 1st gen. night vision device. Easy push button controls, 3x magnification and a built-in infra-red illuminator for viewing in total darkness are just a few of the features this scope packs. If you want a compact, high quality night vision monocular then look no further then our new Night Leopard.
System Specification

Total Darkness Tech. Standard
Magnification 3X
Intensifier Tube High res. 1st Gen +
Detection Range 200 m/y
Recognition Range 100m/y
Lens System F1:1.2, F50mm FOV 14 deg.
Diopter Adjustment +/-5
Resolution 40 lp/mm
Range Of Focus 1M to infinity
Controls Digital
Operating Temperature -40 ° C to +40 ° C
Power Supply One 3 volt lithium Battery Life 10-20 hours
Dimensions 175mmx85mmx50mm / 7″x3.5″x2″
Weight 0.47 kg / 1 lbs

The following accessories are available

£39.00 + V.A.T.

Standard Camera Adapter: You can quickly and easily attach the night vision device to the front of almost any 35mm camera or camcorder with the camera adapter.

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