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Generation 2 – ATN Night Shadow 2

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ATN Night Shadow 2 Night Vision Binocular

No longer available

The Night Shadow comes standard with our cutting edge “Smart” technology.This technology consist of a computerized proximity sensor, digital controls and a long-range infra-red illuminator. The proximity sensor will automatically turn the unit on and off when it is brought to the viewing position.This helps save your battery life and the life of the unit itself.The digital controls allow you to activate all of the features of the Night Shadow with an easy push of a button.We also built a powerful infra-red illuminator into the scope.This allows you to see even in total darkness with outstanding clarity. It is dark.You can barely see your hand in front of your face.You bring your Night Shadow night vision device up to your eyes and turn it on. Suddenly,in green-hued clarity, the entire scene is like day. For Camping,Boating,Nature study, or Law Enforcement,there is simply no better Bi-ocular night vision device on the market.
System Specification

Smart” tech. Standard
Total darkness tech. Standard
Magnification 5X
Detection range 250 m
Recognition range 175 m
FOV 20 deg.
Resolution 32-39 lp/mm
Min. light req. 5×0,0001 lux
Lens system F1:1.7, F90mm
Diopter adjustment +/- 5
Range of focus 8′ to infinity
Power supply 2×3 volt lithium
Battery life 20-30 hours
Dimensions 250mmX125mmX50mm
Weight 1.2 kg

The following accessories are available

£43.00 + V.A.T.

Doubler Long Range :The addition of the optional doubler increases the magnification of the night vision device 2 times.

£39.00 + V.A.T.

Standard Camera Adapter :You can quickly and easily attach the night vision device to the front of almost any 35mm camera or camcorder with the camera adapter.
List of Included accessories

Instruction Manual
Soft carrying Case
Two Lithium Batteries

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