The PR-18C Body Cam: Revealing Why You Need It!

Body cameras offer several benefits in the workplace for a wide variety of environments.

The safety of staff members and customers is high on the priority list for all employers and body cameras can greatly help with this goal. They are excellent for capturing incidents and events which is ideal for safety and can also be used in a positive way to help train staff in customer service situations.

Our body camera the Pronto PR-18C is the ideal tool to add to your security measures.

Accurate & Reliable Evidence

Body cameras can help improve security by recording incidents of theft, violence, or vandalism. They act as a deterrent to inappropriate or criminal behaviour and provide valuable evidence for investigations.

In jobs that involve potential risks or confrontational situations, such as security, law enforcement, or healthcare, body cameras can help protect employees by providing evidence in case of disputes or incidents from members of the public or disgruntled customers. Unfortunately, a lot of situations that occur involving an employee are often lacking evidence, leading to an inability to be accurately reported and investigated as many companies choose the route of keeping the customer happy. Body cameras are there to provide the necessary evidence and keep everyone involved safe.

body camera's are useful for security guards to keep them safe

Training & Evaluation

The evaluation of employee behaviours and procedures is important for all companies. It allows for policies within the company to evolve and change to better fit the needs of the customers. Certain procedures may seem like a great idea when they are being formed in an office, but until they are actually put into use in the real world, there is no telling how the general public may react to them or if they will be effective.

Body cameras allow the higher-ups to re-watch footage to evaluate how effective procedures are, whether this is the language that staff are instructed to use or the methods that are in place to complete certain tasks.

Body camera footage can also be used for training purposes. For employees in training, having a mentor shadowing them, can have some negative side effects. The first being their confidence. Some find that being watched as they attempt their new job can be off-putting and cause them to second guess their choices and actions even if they were on the right path. Once basic training has been completed, independence is crucial in developing confidence and self-belief that they are on the right track.

Secondly, trainees may be treated differently by customers if they have a mentor shadowing them. For example, in the hospitality industry, customers are notorious for undermining new or younger staff in order to try and get a better deal, or to get away with something. Having a trainer stood behind a new staff member is likely to increase the chances of this.

A body camera can replace the eyes of the trainer, allowing employers and mentors to watch back on how staff are doing and critique them in an effective manor to help them improve, or praise them on a good job to build their confidence.

The PR-18C Body Cam

Our body cam is the ideal tool to for additional security in your business.

Key features:

  • records visual
  • records audio
  • captures images
  • IP67 rated
  • GPS
  • night vision

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