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Construction Industry- Why Two Way Radios?

In any working environment, health and safety is of great importance. For the construction industry in particular, health and safety risks are indisputably heightened.
In fact, after some research, I discovered that in 2015/2016 there were 45 fatal injuries on construction site to both workers and members of the public, which works out to be roughly 2 per 100,000 workers.[1]

Communication is an essential tool in reducing accidents caused by hazards in these environments and keeping employees and the public safe. Two way radios are the perfect solution to communication requirements on construction sites as they provide instant communication to a mass audience. This is crucial on a construction site as urgent and simple communication is often needed to avoid any safety risk efficiently.

Many people would say ‘why not use your mobile phone?’ Although mobile phones can be used for communication within some organisations, they do not suit construction sites for a number of reasons.

  1. Construction sites are loud and hectic and so a mobile phone ringing may not be heard.
  2. It is not a safe environment for employees to cease what they are doing to answer a phone.
  3. Phone calls are not instant communication, which can be especially dangerous if someone needs immediate assistance
  4. It can only reach one person at a time.

A two way radio system is simple to use and depending on the radio, will be robust enough to withstand the environment. These can be used with headsets to work within loud and hectic conditions, and make sure that all workers can stay in communication with one another, ensuring that any potential problems can be dealt with swiftly.



[1] Health and Safety Executive ‘Statistics on fatal injuries in the workplace in Great Britain 2016’ http://www.hse.gov.uk/statistics/pdf/fatalinjuries.pdf , p.4

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