Hire CCTV at just £1 a day!

Hire CCTV from Maximon Solutions and avoid hefty setup costs!

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As suppliers of Two-Way Radio solutions for well over 20 years, & CCTV solutions over 5 years, we are trusted by thousands of clientele. This experience has shaped our hire process, and has allowed us to perfect its implementation over the years.

Our new Solar Powered 4G CCTV Cameras can be installed anywhere, providing you have a 4g signal, there are no other requirements.  Installation is fast and the solar-powered unit can be mounted pretty much anywhere.

As a result of this, installations are swift, easy & painless. This allows Maximon to hire CCTV & solar powered cameras without cost of installation, and at prices as low as £1 a day!

So, if you have a remote location such as a Farm,  Golf course, Country lane, Remote outbuildings or you are suffering from the destruction caused by fly-tippers,  the benefits of solar powered CCTV are limitless!

Call the Maximon CCTV experts and get protected ASAP! Listed here are a few reasons why you should consider CCTV for your premises.

  • No electricity required
  • No wiring needed
  • Two-way voice intercom possible
  • Remote surveillance via 4G
  • Human detection to start filming
  • Low cost and immensely powerful

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