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Japanese New & Classic Motorbike Bike Collection – Plus one outsider!


Kawasaki Mach IV H2 – 1972 Two Stroke Triple

H2 Kawasaki

Seriously sort after the Kawasaki H2 750 triple is a fantastic bike, it looks amazing has outstanding performance for its years and is a real head turner.  This is a great example coming over from the dry California climate and undergoing only very light restoration.  Its was the big two stroke to be seen on in the early 1970’s and was to be treated with great respect, hence its name “The Widow Maker”  One journalist called it evil, wicked, mean & nasty after a test ride.  The most powerful H2’s were the 1971 and the very early 1972 models of which this is one.  As Kawasaki said in their 1972 marketing brochure “We’ve just pulled a fast one on the competition. Named the Kawasaki 750cc Mach IV. Of all the world’s production models, it’s the fastest thing on two wheels. Faster than any Suzuki. Faster than any Triumph. Faster than any BSA, and Honda, anything”


Specifications :

  • Manufacture year 1971 to 1973
  • Output power 74 horsepower @ 6500 rpm
  • 0 to 60 – 4.1 seconds
  • Top speed: 126mph (period test)
  • Miles per gallon : 18-28 rider dependent
  • Weight 192 kg (423 lb) (dry)
  • Engine type: Two-stroke, Air-cooled, in-line three-cylinder
  • Related bikes, Kawasaki S1, Mach I, Kawasaki S2 Mach II, Kawasaki H1 Mach III
  • Price now: £8,000 to £20,,000

Suzuki GT750A -1976 Two Stroke Triple


Far more sedate than the Kawasaki H2, Suzuki’s GT750 (Kettle, Boiler or Water buffalo as its sometimes called) just had to have a place in the collection.   The other big 1970’s stroker with its truly advanced water cooling system, for its time, is an amazing bike, full of character and charm.  Its a two stroke motorbike that rides like a 4 stroke, lots of talk from way down low, but if you want to really go for it, it has the power to oblige – as you would expect from a 750cc two stroke engine.  It benefits from a comfortable riding position,  good fuel consumption and sophisticated power delivery.  This model is a GT750A which was the penultimate model made before the shutters came down on the big two strokes.  The gearing was raised (again) for the 1976 GT750A and it also got the benefit of a lockable cover over the fuel filler cap.  One of the collection favourites!

Specifications :

  • Manufacture year : 1972-1977
  • Output power 67hp 1972 to 1974 – 73hp 1975 on @ 6,500rpm
  • 0 to 60 – 5.9 seconds
  • Top speed: 120mph (est.)
  • Miles per gallon : 28-40 rider dependent
  • Total production: 71,000 (est., 1972-77)
  • Weight (dry): 229.9kg 507lbs (1976)
  • Engine type: Two-stroke, liquid-cooled, in-line three-cylinder
  • Price now: £5,000 to £12,,000

Honda CB750 Four K6 – 1976 Four Stroke Four

CB750 four correct

You just couldn’t have a little collection of Japanese 70’s classics without the Honda CB750 four.  The motorcycle infamously renowned for bringing the British motorcycles manufacturing industry to a grinding halt!  Quoted as perhaps the most important motorcycle of the 20th century, four cylinders and single overhead cam unheard of in 1969.   The bike is considered to be the original super-bike because of its extraordinary features, a large cc motorcycle that combines speed, luxury and reliability at a low price.  They are still lovely to ride with lots of smooth power through the rev-range.  This is the K6 model of 1976 in Candy Antares Red which has also been imported from the US.

Specifications :

  • Manufacture year : 1969-1978
  • Output power 67hp @ 8,000rpm
  • 0 to 60 – 5.1 seconds
  • Top speed: 125mph
  • Miles per gallon : 35-45 rider dependent
  • Total production: 553,400 (est., 1972-77)
  • Weight (dry): 218kg 460lbs
  • Engine type: Inline Four-stroke, Air-cooled,
  • Price now: £4,000 to £30,000


Yamaha RD400F – 1979 Two Stroke Twin


The ultimate 1970’s rogue’s bike, a mad 400cc two stroke twin designed to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, open the throttle and watch the front wheel go skyward at an alarming rate!  The Yamaha RD400F was the last version of the air-cooled twin two stroke developed, excluding the limited edition Daytona, giving way to the RD250 & RD350 liquid cooled (LC) – The RD400 is significant for sporting the first ever cast wheels on a production motorcycle. They had been available as an optional extra since the bike’s introduction but in 1977 they became standard fitment. Coupled with the trademark coffin-shaped petrol tank and (in 1977) a rear cowling, the Yamaha RD400 oozed attitude and appeal and was renowned for seeing off far larger bikes of the time!

Specifications :

  • Manufacture year : 1976-1979
  • Output power 44hp @7,000rpm
  • 0 to 60 – 5.3 seconds
  • Top speed: 109mph
  • Miles per gallon : 30-42 rider dependent
  • Total production: Unknown
  • Weight (dry): 165 kg (364 lb)
  • Engine type: Two-stroke, Air-cooled twin-cylinder
  • Price now: £2,000 to £6,,000

Honda CBX1000A – 1979 Four Stroke Six


Following on from Honda’s RC series race bike of the 1960’s they developed the big CBX1000 six cylinder monster, as their first 6 cylinder production road bike.  With an advance DOHC 24 valve six cylinder engine, it was sensational to look at and fabulous to ride.  Honda’s objective was to produce the fastest production motorcycle in the world and they certainly achieved it.  A review written in 1978 stated that the engine was the nicest to ever to reach the street.  The Benelli 750 was the first 6 cylinder and was produced between 1972 and 1978.  This is a nice example of a CBX1000A again imported from California’s lovely dry climate.  It rides well looks great and is a must for any small collection.  The CBX1000 still feels quick today with ultra smooth power delivery and a fabulous sound, its a real treat to ride and handles remarkable well for its size.

Specifications :

  • Manufacture year : 1978-1982
  • Output power 105hp @9,000rpm
  • 0 to 60 – 4.6 seconds
  • Top speed: 134mph (est.)
  • Miles per gallon : 28-40 rider dependent
  • Total production: 38,079
  • Weight (dry): 272kg 600lbs
  • Engine type: Four stroke 6 cylinder
  • Price now: £7,000 to £25,,000

Yamaha YZF R1 – limited edition- 2012 Four Stroke Four


The Big Bang Yam!  A nice example of the 2012 big bang YZF R1, number 1012 of only 2000 made,  with traction control, anti wheelie in the 50th anniversary colours.  This was produced to celebrate 50 years of Yamaha’s GP racing.  Spec= (2012-R1 Anniversary White (BWC1GP50).  Yamaha’s R1 set the stage for the new super-bikes to chase when it was developed in 1998, it boasted a massive 150hp huge for its time.  See the full model range here.  What a bike to ride with around 185hp a 0 to 100 faster than a Bugatti Veyron and a top speed of nearly 200mph.  A fun bike to ride, which needs to be treated with the greatest of respect and can only really be used to near its full potential on a track with a very experienced rider!  Its unique cross plane crankshaft engine makes it sound like a twin and provides tremendous lowdown talk.

Specifications :

  • Manufacture year : 2011 to 2014
  • Output power 185hp
  • 0 to 60 – 2.9 seconds
  • Top speed: 190mph (est.)
  • Miles per gallon : 35 rider dependent
  • Total production: 2000 (This model)
  • Weight (dry): 414 lbs (188 kg))
  • Engine type: Four stroke in-line four with cross-plain crankshaft
  • Price now: £5,000 to £12,,000

Honda CRF450X – 2015 Four Stroke Single

CRF450xI bought my Honda CRF450X for some off road fun.  I had plates indicators speedo etc added to allow me to use it on the road and hunt out those green lanes.  It’s a perky bike with lots of power on tap and great fun to ride.  The aftermarket exhaust sounds superb.  Sadly Buckinghamshire has very few green lanes to take advantage of which has created a very idle machine! An outing to Salisbury plain did allow it to show its potential so more to be planned.

Specifications :

  • Manufacture year : 2016
  • Output power 44hp
  • 0 to 60 – 4.1 seconds
  • Top speed: 65 to 70mph (est.)
  • Miles per gallon : 40 rider dependent
  • Total production: not listed
  • Weight (dry): 269lbs
  • Engine type: Single cylinder 4 stroke, water cooled
  • Price now: £6,900.00

Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin – 2016 Four Stroke Twin

africa twin

New model in 2016 the Honda Africa Twin is a superb all round adventure bike, capable of tackling most situations.  Extremely comfortable on long trips, great within its category off-road, with the ability to offer comfort to a pillion whilst carrying enough luggage for two.  Traction control offers 3 settings, ABS brakes and a brand new ultra slim engine design providers a totally linear power delivery across the entire rev range.  Honda has created an extremely capable modern adventure motorbike perfect for all occasions.

Specifications :

  • Manufacture year : 2016
  • Output power 95hp
  • 0 to 60 – 3.7 seconds
  • Top speed: 135ph (est.)
  • Miles per gallon : 45-50 rider dependent
  • Total production: not completed
  • Weight (dry): 503lbs  (228kg)
  • Engine type: Twin cylinder 4 stroke water cooled
  • Price now: £12,700.00 loaded with extras


Suzuki GT250 x7 – 1980 Two Stroke Twin

Branded as “The new Ton-Up Suzuki X7 the first 250cc to break the 100MPH mark!”  Having owned one at 17 it was a must for my collection.  I was very surprised at how tiny the bike is having not sat on one for 35 years and grown slightly!  Lovely bike to ride, good brakes and a very nice sounding motor.  A snippet from a reports reads :

“The X7; the lightest, most agile and therefore fastest of the pack? That’s a well-travelled argument.  It was 1978 and many teens facing the 1980s would blame the X7 for prompting changes to the 250 laws when straight out of the crate a GT250N X7 was recorded at 100.5mph by Motorcycle Mechanics at Chobham’s test track. By 1981 the two-year probation and new 125 learner laws spelt the beginning of the end for the blue haze brigade; although the LC would put the final boot into Suzuki’s X7. Up until 78 all was perfect in our world, we had machines that were more than a match for any 400-4 stroke and we hadn’t even considered taking any type of exam. What remained of our oil splattered L plates hung on grimly to the rear mudguard and we spent our lives just being a nuisance; looking back it’s no surprise those in power moved the goal posts. It wasn’t all great in the motorcycle world, for as the X7 arrived Triumph Norton Villiers was liquidated, Barry Sheene lost out to Kenny Roberts at the final (German) round of the season and musically the year began with Mull of Kintyre as number one and ended with the Village Peoples YMCA; little wonder screaming around the streets at all hours had so much appeal”

Specifications :

  • Manufacture year : 1980
  • Output power 29hp
  • 0 to 60 – 7.9 seconds
  • Top speed: 100ph (hopefully)
  • Miles per gallon : 50-60 rider dependent
  • Total production: not completed
  • Weight (dry): 282lbs  (128kg)
  • Engine type: Twin cylinder 2 stroke air cooled
  • Price : £700.00 – As at today £4,000.00


Triumph Bonneville T120 Black – 2017 Four Stroke Twin


You have just got to have something British!  This version of the Bonnie T120  was an all new watercooled bike styled to look like the original with aircool fins and plenty of retro features.  Upgraded to 1200cc and completely revamped for its 2016 launch.  A lovely lazy bike, perfect for the Sunday ride out or trip away.  It has a very capable engine with around 80 hp and tons and tons of torque!  Two driving modes as a safety feature Road & Rain, ABS and heated grips as standard.  Open face helmet and goggles are a prerequisite for a ride on this machine!  Super comfortable riding position and seat puts you in the best place to enjoy the fabulous slow drumming exhaust note, as you cruise your way through the British countryside in the summer sunshine!!

Specifications :

  • Manufacture year : 2017
  • Output power 80hp
  • 0 to 60 – 3.8 seconds
  • Top speed: 120ph
  • Miles per gallon : 50 rider dependent
  • Total production: not completed
  • Weight (dry): 494lbs  (224kg)
  • Engine type: Twin cylinder 4 stroke water cooled
  • Price : £11,000.00 new

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