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Maximon Solutions – Licence Management

Do you have your licence to chill yet?

So you have your 2-way radio – but do you need a licence to use it? If your 2-way radio does NOT operate on one of the pre-programmed, licence free frequencies that are operated by Ofcom, (within the band 446.0 – 446.1 MHz) then yes, you will need a licence.


So why choose licence free?

Well it’s certainly less expensive and easy to use. You are free to operate for business and personal use across the UK and throughout most EU countries and rather like a lot of the popular mobile phone tariffs, there are no call charges and no contracts. However, licence free is very popular and because of this you can often find that the channels are congested, power is lower and the range is shorter.

That said, there are lots of possibilities with licence free. Whilst this option is not suitable for emergency services, plenty of businesses use them in such areas as construction, event management, hotel and tourist operators and factory floors.

So why would you choose a licenced radio system?

If your business is on a split site, or just a larger site, then typically a licensed radio system may be a better option. If your radio system relies on a base station or vehicle mounted radios then a licenced radio system is a must!

Essentially there are two types of licences available to you:

Simple UK LIGHT LICENCE              
  • Use anywhere within the UK
  • Renewable every five years
  • Offers several frequencies
  • Not authorised for Base stations


  • Specific to one site
  • Renewed annually
  • Offers only one channel
  • Local & Repeater (talk-through) stations can be authorised

So where do Maximon Solutions come in?

Maximon Solutions are fully approved by Ofcom to supply radio equipment, and as such we are happy to complete your full licence application for you so there is one less issue to prevent you from running your business. We pay for it on your behalf, manage the licence and then alert you when it’s time for renewal. And if you have an existing licence we will even test your equipment is programmed correctly.

With the Maximon Solutions Licence Management, you can be sure you are 100% legal 100% of the time!

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