National Walkie Talkie Radios are the way forward!

Our Pronto-exPRESS National Digital Radios are already supporting businesses all over the country, so what is proving so popular?

  • The ability to instantly contact one or all of your staff at the push of a buttonpronto-pe-3000d
  • Instant visual display of your entire fleet from 1 computer screen
  • Unlimited coverage over the UK at a very low cost
  • No costly mobile phone bills to sift through each month
  • Robust simple to use handsets provide a professional business tool
  • Our flexible & fair try before you buy solution


The above picture shows the home screen and current radios that are available within your fleet to communicate with.  If a radio leaves the Pronto-exPRESS network it will become grayed out but visible as an offline unit.


Our military ethos is used to retain high standards throughout the company.

Don’t just take our word for it, read what our clients have to say!

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