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CCTV Solutions

Solar 4g CCTV Camera

Our new Solar Powered 4g CCTV Cameras can be installed anywhere, providing you have a 4g signal, there are no other requirements.  Installation is fast and the solar-powered unit can be mounted pretty much anywhere.

If you have a remote location on a Farm,  Golf course, Country lane, Remote outbuildings or are you suffering from the destruction caused by fly-tippers?  Its benefits are limitless!


Call the Maximon CCTV experts and get protected quickly!


  • No electricity required
  • No wiring needed
  • Two-way voice intercom possible
  • Remote surveillance via 4g
  • Human detection to start filming
  • Low cost and immensely powerful



Pronto PTZ Max CCTV Systems

Our new PTZ Max CCTV systems come as a bespoke package so whatever your requirements, we can build a system to suit your needs. Once plugged into a PC it can be viewed through a monitor and can be controlled by an app on your smartphone!


Pronto PTZ1

Our Pronto PTZ1 is a WiFi camera with 360 degree horizontal spin and vertical tilt. It’s app is compatible with both Android and IOS. Notifications are triggered by a motion sensor to your devices and live footage can viewed through an app. It can support up to a 128GB Micro SD Card and can sit easily on your WiFi.

Pronto PR-18C Body Camera

The perfect piece of equipment for anyone who needs security. Its ability to record video, voice and images make this body camera perfect for evidence gathering.

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