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Vehicle Trackers

Quartix GPS Fleet Management Packages

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Using a GPS fleet management system is one of the most powerful and easy ways to save costs. As well as providing real time locations for your vehicles you can track mileage and plan maintenance all with a simple to use web interface and no need for extra software or extensive training! Maps are provided using the Google maps API, Giving you the latest and best available information available on any area.

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Find and Track Your Vehicles

  • Real Time Tracking
  • Find the closest vehicle to a postcode- Excellent for collections
  • Display routes taken- Optimise routes and show side trips
  • Track lost and stolen vehicles
  • Popup information on each selected vehicle
  • Current traffic state information

Geofencing and Alarms

  • Restrict a vehicle to a single area or location- Ideal for Heavy plant, Works vehicles and fixed routes
  • SMS or email warnings of area breach
  • Alarm inputs- Vehicle alarms can be sent to your phone for a rapid response

Reports and Data

  • Time sheets- See individual vehicle usage
  • Driver ID- See driver usage over several vehicles
  • Route Charts- See regular stops and layovers
  • Fleet usage reports- Plan your maintenance schedules
  • Export maps and routes to Drivers GPS systems e.g. Tom Tom itinerary, MS Mappoint

Pricing Plans

Infopoint Infoplus Corporate
  • Live Tracking with 2 minute Updates
  • Driver Timesheets Online
  • Vehicle Route “Replay”
  • Google maps with satellite view
  • E-mailed Daily and Weekly Reports
  • InfoPoint features +
  • 1 Minute Updates
  • Driver speeding/ behaviour reports
  • Geofencing
  • Real-time alerts by text and e-mail
  • Real-time alerts by text and e-mail
  • Monthly Fleet Utilisation Charts
  • Route Planning and Optimisation Tools
  • Management KPI “Dashboards” and Data
All Prices correct as of 22/02/2013 and are subject to change without notice
Rental Term Options Install. Fee Monthly Rental Fee Install. Fee Monthly Rental Fee Install. Fee Monthly Rental Fee
3 months £65.00 £19.50 £65.00 £22.90 £65.00 £25.75
1 Year FREE £19.50 FREE £22.90 FREE £25.75
2 Years FREE £18.75 FREE £21.00 FREE £23.50
3 Years FREE £18.00 FREE £19.50 FREE £22.00

I can interrogate the database as far as I want to. Accessing logs for the last six months plus is easy

With the Quartix system, our vehicle and transport costs have stayed the same while our sales have grown by 30%.

Since installing vehicle tracking we have cut our fuel and overtime costs by 20%.

All prices correct as of 22/02/2013 and are subject to change without notice
Outright Purchase System Price Inc. Install. Monthly Comms Charge System Price Inc. Install. Monthly Comms Charge System Price Inc. Install. Monthly Comms Charge
Includes 1 Year Warranty £245.00 £10.90 £295.00 £10.90 £355.00 £10.90

Additional Options

It’s great for us, because we’ve done away with timesheets. Our employees don’t need to do the paperwork ­ we use the daily email reports to log their hours on site and calculate wages from that. The system definitely saves us money.

All Prices correct as of 22/02/2013 and are subject to change without notice
Install. Fee Monthly Fee
Driver ID £45.00 £1.50
Aux. Input £25.00 £1.50
Roaming Monthly Charge
Data charges and international mapping for Europe £2.50

The GPRS tracking facility led to the recovery of a stolen road sweeper; valued at £60,000, within 15 minutes, effectively repays the Council’s investment several times over.

General Terms
Note: additional hardware options are only available with InfoPlus and Rental and Comms*

  • Charges are per vehicle per month, paid quarterly in advance by direct debit.
  • Prices are subject to VAT and are valid until 31st December 2011. Standard Terms of Sale apply.
  • Warranty – On-site Warranty for repair or replacement of the system is provided throughout the rental term and for 12 months in the case of purchase.

Terms Applicable to Rental Contracts
You are responsible for the system until you return it to us on Corporate options, and only at the time of initial installation termination of the rental contract.

No complicated, unnecessary frills – ruling out the need for dedicated PC, phone line, aerial or specialist software. I also liked the fact that it’s web-based and therefore accessible from home or any other location

You may disconnect and remove from the vehicle yourself, or we can offer this service at a cost of £119.

If the system is lost or damaged beyond repair or you are unable to return it for any reason then you will be charged £245.
Re-installation Charge – the cost of removal and re-installation of each tracking system at the time of vehicle replacement is £119 plus VAT, provided that both vehicles are available at the same appointment.
*Comms Charge – refers to the communications and service charge.

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