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Pronto exPRESS National Digital Radio is here – Need a Demo Give us a call!

So often we suffer from a lack of coverage on our two way radios networks.  But suffer no more, with Maximon’s new, innovative Pronto exPRESS network you are never more than a push button away wherever you are.

Compact and robust they are ideal for tough environments when a proper business tool and not a smart phone is required.  The rapid passage of information to 1 or 100’s can be achieved keeping everyone in the loop.

Our dispatcher software can act as a control unit from any web based computer, offering real time user monitoring and GPS location data along with many other benefits.


Monitor your fleet to see who is online and where they are – call an individual or group instantly,  Pronto exPRESS dispatcher puts you in total control of your fleet 24/7!


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