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Sales and Support

We firmly believe in providing the very highest quality of service possible to our customers. From the initial introduction through to the installing and implementation of your system you will always be in close contact with members of our highly competent and experienced team. The size of your order is irrelevant, it will always be treated with the highest priority.

Furthermore, our independence will be of massive benefit to you. There are so many different communication solutions available with current technology that it is impossible for a single manufacturer to cover all options and requirements effectively. As independent providers, we can call on over twenty of the market leading brands as well as our own manufacturing line. This makes us truly unique and superior to others in our field of expertise.  Our ability to manufacture means we can generate specific product lines tailored to our customer’s requirements. With Maximon your feedback literally makes a difference!

What services do Maximon Solutions Offer?

  • Site Surveys – We sell technical systems so often a site survey is essential to finding the right solution.  This is a chance for us to meet you as well as survey your site.  Furthermore, this allows us to listen to what you are trying to achieve and advise on the most suitable, cost effective way to achieve this.
  • Advanced Radio System Design – Over the last 25 years we have been designing two way radio systems for every field of industry you can possibly imagine.  From large wide area analogue MPT1327 trunking networks to TETRA and now the popular digital DMR and DPMR systems.  We offer ATEX radio systems, Marine & Airband as well as Private Business Radio (PBR) and PMR446 license free.
  • Short Term Radio Hire – Outright purchase is not always the best solution, you may have a short term requirement, do you need an extra 50 radios to work with your current system for one night?  Or merely a few professional radios for a week? We can help with all of your short-term hire requirements.
  • Long Term Radio Hire – Spread the cost of your two way radio across a fixed term – we will design an affordable rental package with maintenance to suit your budget over a period that works for you, usually 3 or 5 years but shorter or longer terms available.  We will supply new radios and give you an option of a midterm upgrade to make sure you have the latest equipment.
  • maxiMATE Maintenance Contracts – A complete package – your investment in Two-Way Radio equipment is so important that it must not end there.  Professional Two-Way Radios need maintaining to keep them performing at their very best. We have a host of Two-Way Radio maintenance contracts to chose from to protect your investment with our gold packages providing rapid replacements in the event of a failure.  If you rely on a Repeater or Talk-through base station your complete system is totally inoperable if it fails, with maxiMATE gold this will be replaced at our cost within hours.
  • Long Range Two Way Radio – Our advanced Pronto Express Radios can offer coverage across the globe if required.  These wide area walkie talkies can provide group or individual calls and utilise GSM data technology to bring a new low cost concept to wide area two way radio.  Why not try some out?  Experience the unique benefits of two way radios with unlimited coverage.
  • GPS Vehicle Tracking – Utilising Vehicle tracking to manage one or more vehicles has become a necessity recently.  Over 16 years we have worked with many different companies, and through this experience we have been able to select the best GPS Fleet Management systems to offer you as a package.  The cost, the functionality and the stability of the provider are key to selecting the best GPS solution for you.  Once installed, it’s a proven fact that Vehicle Tracking will provide better management of your vehicles, help with duty of care to your employees, cut fuel and maintenance costs and help create a more efficient work environment.
  • Ofcom License Management – The rules around the use of Two Way Radios denote that for Private Business Radios (PBR) you must hold a current Ofcom license.  There are many different types of licenses to choose from, most of which require an annual payment after the initial, often quite complex, application is processed.  As part of the package, we offer to make your initial application, manage your license through the term, deal with any frequency channel issues and have all liaison with Ofcom on your behalf.  Our managed license service ensures the correct application is processed, the equipment is 100% legal and the license will never be allowed to lapse due to an oversight.
  • Two Way Radio Audio Accessories – A Two-way radio system often requires tailoring to fit individual or businesses requirements.  Despite offering all of the leading manufacturers ranges, Motorola, Hytera, Kenwood, Icom, Talking Headsets, Peltor, Savox, Access, Entel, to mention a few, we have our own range of uniquely manufactured accessories.  If your requirement is to adapt radios for use in areas such as High-noise, Hands-free,  Motorcycles, Nightclubs, Heavy construction, Firefighting, Military or you name it, we are very likely to have a solution for you.





Our Staff

Our staff are available 9:00 - 17:30 on 01628 878 066 to answer your questions.