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Cadex C7400ER Battery Analyzer

£4,319.00 +VAT

  • Model: C7400ER
  • Manufactured by: Cadex

Cadex C7400ER

High Powered battery charger, able  up to supply up to 30 Volts. Ideal for medical, military & specialist power tool packs.

CADEX Battery analyzers allow you to maintain and repair the lifespan of any battery that sees regular use.

  • Remove battery memory problems
  • Combine with BATSHOP software to track a fleet of batteries
  • increase your batteries lifespan
  • Pinpoint the cause of battery failures and much more.

CADEX if the preferred brand of major organisations worldwide, who demand performance when it is needed in maintaining critical battery powered backup systems and equipment.

CADEX systems are embedded with:

  • US Airforce
  • Austrian Army
  • Hospitals
  • Emergency services
  • Cell phone repair services
  • IT repair services