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Icom IC-A24 VHF Airband Two Way Radio [Pro Pack]

Starting at: £385.00 +VAT

  • Model: IC-A24 Pro Pack
  • Manufactured by: Icom

IC-A24 VHF Airband transceiver

Portable VHF VOR/COM Transceiver

The IC-A24 is the direct successors to the ever-popular IC-A22 series of Icom handheld radios. Just as those products broke new ground with pilot-friendly features, the IC-A24 continues the tradition by providing even more of the most pilot-requested features.

Compact, stylish body
The IC-A24 design incorporates the size and durability of the IC-A22 with improved usability. The IC-A24 includes a large LCD, large speaker and easy-to-use panel layout. The side of the radio has a non-slip slit to prevent accidental dropping.

Large alphanumeric LCD
An easy to read a 6-character 14-segment alphanumeric LCD displays a variety of information clearly. Both the display and keypad are backlit, which is a very useful feature for nighttime flying.

Channel recall function
The new channel recall function automatically memorizes the last 10 used channels. You can easily recall those channels by pushing the recall buttons on the front panel. This makes it very convenient for switching between several channels at a time, such as NAV channels and COM channels.

Icom F series battery packs and case
The IC-A24 shares the same battery packs and case with Icom’s commercial range of radios including the IC-F12, F3G, F31G series*. A variety of battery types are available including Ni-Cd, Ni-MH, and Li-Ion batteries. The BP-208N, battery case is also available with 6 AA (LR6) alkaline cells as a backup battery source.
* Uses N-type reinforced battery packs/case.

Simultaneous operation and charge from external power source
The IC-A24 has an external DC power jack that allows operation with the optional CP-20 cigarette lighter cable with DC-DC converter. This means that a battery pack can be simultaneously charged during operation.

Dedicated 121.5MHz emergency key
A dedicated red emergency key programmed with a 121.5MHz homing frequency is equipped to give you extra confidence in the event of an emergency.

VOR navigation function
The IC-A24 has VOR navigation functions. The DVOR mode shows the radial to (or from) a VOR station and the CDI mode shows the course deviation to (or from) a VOR station. You can also input your intended radial to (or from) a VOR station and show the course deviation on the display.

Pro Package Includes:

  • IC-A24 VHF Transceiver
  • BP-210N NiMH Battery Pack
  • OPC-499 Headset adaptor cable
  • BC-119 Desktop charger
  • AD-101 Charger adaptor
  • CP-20 Cigarette Lighter Cable with DC-DC converter
  • MB-103 Belt Clip
  • FA-B02AR antenna
  • handstrap
  • User manual.

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