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Kenwood TRK-751/851 Repeater base station

£1,200.00 +VAT

  • Model: TKR-751/851
  • Manufactured by: Kenwood

The TKR-751/851 is very versatile as it can be used as a group conventional repeater, a base station or as the core of a trunking system. It has plenty of features that ensure reliability and an excellent performance.

Key features:

  • Battery backup system - sends a warning tone after DC supply has switched from main to backup power
  • Windows programming and tuning software - compatible PC programming with Windows provides easy setup
  • LED display and indicators - 7 segment/ 2 character front panel LED provides clear, high visibility 2 character alphanumeric display
  • Simplex or duplex base station operation - can be operated in either simplex or duplex base station mode with up to 16 channels and priority scan
  • Built in cooling fan

Repeater features:


  • Full duplex operation


  • Time out timer
  • Repeat hold timer (hand timer)
  • Repeat enable/disable
  • Conventional or trunking controller compatible

Base station features:


  • 16 channels


  • Simplex or full duplex operation
  • Priority scan
  • Remote control input
  • 2 character alphanumeric display
  • Power/transmit/busy LED indicators
  • Volume control
  • Voice encryption option port