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Sonetics Wireless Headsets - intercom

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  • Model: Wireless Headset System
  • Manufactured by: Maximon
New from Maximon; The Sonetics Wireless Headset systems.

These headsets eliminate the majority of background noise and provide excellent hearing protection making them an ideal choice for where quick clear communications are important.
Industries currently using this product include:
  • Ground Crew
  • Concert and stage staff
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Factories and Mills
Required Equipment
Headset, Base station, Radio Interface Intercom [optional]

Technical Features
  • Wireless headsets allow greater freedom -400 Meter range
  • Full-duplex conference between users to improve safety and productivity
  • High attenuation headsets improve communications in high noise environments
  • Wireless belt packs allow wired headsets be used to suit the environment you are in
  • Adjustable ‘mic gate’ allows headsets to be fine tuned to suit different noise
  • environments
  • Up to 40 users on a system for Increased flexibility
  • Simple two-way radio integration
  • Throat microphones can be used to allow use when using facemasks or HAZMAT clothing
  • Can be powered by 12 volt battery packs or in-car chargers to allow use in remote areas
  • Fully re-chargeable headsets and belt packs keep running costs low
  • Once headsets are paired to the wireless base you do not have to re-pair when the system is turned on and off