The new P-9300 has arrived!

Introducing the brand new P-9300 digital radio, the newest addition to our Pronto range of walkie talkies.

The P-9300 is a testament to the evolving world of two-way radios. Packed full of both safety and comfort features, you won’t want to miss out on what this new product can offer you!

New P-9300 First Look

A smart looking radio, conveniently sized for your comfort and use.

the new p-9300 radio is a smart black radio, with a short antenna. A large speaker and over all convenient size

Who Is It For?

One of the questions we receive most from new customers is which radio is right for me? And the answer to that may not always be as simple as you think. Radios all have different great qualities and aspects that allow for a range of companies and groups to find something that works for them. From licenced to unlicensed, analogue to digital, and a range of features to choose from, we can help you find what’s right for you.

So, who could the new P-9300 be for?

A radio with both lone worker and an emergency alarm would be ideal for workers who may find themselves alone at any point. This may be on a construction site, a maintenance team in a school or a security member in a hospital. Construction sites can be a hazardous environment to work in, especially if there are certain jobs that may be completed with just one person. Being able to keep tabs remotely on the safety of your workers will allow site leaders to respond to emergencies in an urgent time frame if necessary.

The emergency alarm can also be a great tool for security teams as it can quickly notify other members of the team that you need additional support and can help give other members of staff valuable time to arrange the proper procedures for an emergency.

The waterproof element of the new P-9300 makes this an excellent radio for the outdoor activities world. Hiking and exploring groups can be confident that theses radios will continue to work in rainy environments or even outside industries such as garden centres. Waterproof radios are also ideal for water-based groups such as rowing and sailing clubs as coaches are able to maintain communication with athletes from the bank or a coach boat.

The versatile calling elements of the new P-9300 allows radio users to choose who they would like to communicate with. This is especially useful for educational environments. All call allows teachers to communicate to all radio users which is ideal in an emergency situation where all need to be notified or for general information everyone should know. Group call is ideal for calling a maintenance team or first aid where any one from that department could help.

IP Rating

An IP rating is a classification system that determines dust and waterproof levels of a radio. The first number is the dust proof, measured 0-6 and the second is the waterproof level, measured 0-9. For example: IP67 is considered fully dust-proof, and waterproof for up to 30 minutes submersed in 1 meter of water.

The new P-9300 has a rating of IP67, making this the ideal radio for outdoor activities and is also able to operate at a temperature range of -30 to +60 degrees celsius.

If you’d like to understand more, check out this guide to IP ratings.


Digital radios are on the up in terms of popularity across all sectors of business, and for good reason.

They use real time processing to receive your messages and digitizes them to produce clear communication. Digital radios are much more tolerant of external noises than an analogue radio. Meaning less interference from the surrounding world, allowing your staff or teams to hear your messages first time and experience seamless communication without the frustration of misunderstandings.

The new P-9300 also features large speakers with a high power out-put to create great quality sound.


The range of a radio is subjected to the environment in which the radio is being used. Radio waves can be interrupted by obstacles blocking the transmissions such as trees or buildings. However, there are a few elements that the new P-9300 offers that allows for the potential range to be increased over some of our previous Pronto radios.

The first being the P-9300 is a UHF radio. Two-way radios can either be UHF or VHF. Ultra High Frequency (UHF) radios are ideal for built-up areas such as schools, garden centres or construction sites as they use a higher frequency with a shorter wave length, optimizing their ability to penetrate obstacles.

The second element the new P-9300 boasts, is it comes standard as a high power out-put licenced radio. Licenced radios have a maximum power out-put of 4 watts, compared to an unlicenced 0.5 watts. The more power a radio has, the further it is able to transmit communications.

Comfort Features

Not only does the P-9300 come with many useful features, it also takes into consideration the useability of the radio for all. It features a sleek, ergonomic design that fits perfectly in your hand, ensuring comfortable grip during extended use and user-friendly controls.

The P-9300 comes standard with a stubby antenna. The shorter antenna is preferable since it is less obstructive. It is less prone to getting snagged on doors when the radio is worn on a belt clip and less susceptible to damage when placed in someone’s pocket, helping to maintain the life of your radio and its antenna.

The new P-9300 boasts a battery save function. The individual radios will prioritise battery efficiency and preserving the battery life when not being directly spoken whilst never missing a communication from another radio user.


When considering getting new radios, specifically a different model of radio, it is important to consider the type of walkie talkies you may already own. Businesses have an option of analogue or digital radios. The benefit of this digital radio – if you already have a system set up with analogue – is that the digital radio can have programming allowing you to still communicate with your original radios.

The new P-9300 can be programmed to work with existing radios that you may already have, allowing for a smooth transition for this radio to be integrated into your communications system. This also allows for systems to be changed over gradually from analogue to digital at whatever pace works for you and your budget.

Safety Features

Two-way radios are not only great at communicating with co-workers, sports teams and staff, but they are also an excellent piece of equipment for safety reasons.

The new P-9300 is packed with safety features that you just can’t miss out on!

Lone Worker

The Lone Worker feature on the new P-9300 is a critical safety enhancement designed to protect individuals who work alone in potentially hazardous or remote environments. Whether it’s a construction site or a remote hiking trail, the Lone Worker feature provides an added layer of security and peace of mind.

It works on pre-decided check in points. The time frame in which the worker must check in can be determined by the users based on their risk assessments, and the environment of their working setting.

The radio will sound an alert to prompt the worker to interact, this may be simply pressing a button or responding verbally, resetting the timer. Failure to respond within the allotted time will activate the radios emergency alert. This alert will allow supervisors or other radio users off site to be aware of a potential emergency and prepare the necessary response to determining the safety of the worker.

This safety feature is great as it minimizes the risks of accidents going unnoticed for extended periods of time, and allows for efficient medical attention to be provided in a timely manner if needed. It not only safeguards the well-being of lone workers but also provides peace of mind to both the individuals using the walkie talkies and their employers or supervisors.

Emergency Alarm

Another useful safety feature of the new P-9300 is its emergency alarm.

With the simple push of a button, you can send a distress signal to your fellow radio users. This will quickly allow you to notify them of an emergency you may be experiencing. Whether that would be an injury whilst at work, or you have gotten lost whilst out on an adventure this feature is invaluable to staff, employers, adventure guides, friends and family alike.

Don’t compromise on communication efficiency any longer; upgrade to the Pronto P-9300 and experience unparalleled connectivity. Whether you’re in construction, event management, security, or simply embarking on an outdoor adventure, the P-9300 is your trusted companion for instant communication.


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