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Two Way Radios VS Mobile Phones


With smartphone technology becoming so advanced, I often hear people saying that they are now using mobile phones as a means of communicating in the workplace.
If you find yourself being one of these people that use mobile phones to contact other staff and employees, ask yourself why. Some would say that mobiles are quick and simple to use but these people clearly have not tried two way radios.


Mobile Phones

Two Way Radio

o   Fragile

o   Good coverage

o   Restricted use in schools and other specific sites.

o   Wait for dial

o   Only contact one person at a time

o   Monitoring required – can be used for personal use.

o   Extremely robust

o   Instant communication

o   Professional appearance

o   Allowed on most sites

o   Mass contact at once

o   Does only the job it is supposed to do

o   Can be used in every industry

o   User friendly


Radios are perfect for all industries, promoting security and efficiency to ensure that your workforce are the best that they can be.

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