Two-Way Radios For Agriculture

Two-way radios are essential tools in agriculture, providing reliable communication across large areas and enhancing safety, efficiency, and coordination. The majority of farms across the country commonly have a VHF two way radio solution to allow workers to communicate whether that be cross-field or from one side of the farm house to the other. Due to the area of operation primarily being outside in wide open land, a VHF signaling solution is ideal for communication over these distances.

agriculture workers can stay connected with two-way radios

Popular Features for Agriculture

There are a number of features that our agricultural and farming customers look for when they are purchasing radios. Some of these include:

  • Waterproof
  • Lone-worker
  • Emergency alarm
  • Versatile calling
  • AI noise cancelling

Tips for Radios

Test Range in Your Environment: The actual range can vary significantly based on terrain, vegetation, and structures. Test radios in your specific environment before committing to a purchase. Maximon Solutions offers free no-commitment demos of walkie talkies to allow you to do your testing easily before you commit to a system.

Use Repeaters if Necessary: For very large or obstructed areas, using repeaters can extend the effective range of your radios. When a repeater is placed in the middle of the area that radio coverage is needed, it acts like a relay machine to pass the message from one radio to another.

Train Your Team: Ensure that all users are familiar with the radio’s features and proper communication protocols.

Regular Maintenance: Keep the radios in good condition by charging them regularly and checking for any damage or wear. Maximon Solutions can service and repair your radios to keep them in good working order. We also offer maintenances packages for when your radios need some TLC.

Useful Accessories for Agriculture

Remote Speaker Microphone: Remote speaker microphones are commonly used with radios that have been installed in vehicles. Having a remote speaker microphone helps with the usability of your device, meaning that a transmission can be made without having to reach for the radio body. There are many different styles of remote speaker microphones, ranging from small compact devices through to wireless Bluetooth options depending on the radio that you have.

Earpieces: Depending on the environment that you will be using your radios in can have an effect on the style that you choose. From in-ear earpieces like the Max-41 to the Entel CHP range of ear defenders, there is a wide range of choice to meet your requirements. Earpieces are incredibly popular for louder environments where machinery is being used as they allow for communications to be heard clearly and without interruption.

Vehicle Antennas: The majority of radios we supply to farms consist of mobile radios which are then installed into the cabin of farm machinery. A large vehicle antenna can be fitted in order to help extend your communications capabilities.

Carrying Solutions: There are many different styles of carrying solutions to choose from depending on the type of radio that you purchase, and these are being increasingly popular for hands on workers as it allows for the radio to be kept on your person whilst still having use of both hands. For portable radios, we have a variety of belt clips, carry cases, hand straps and many other carrying solutions for your radio.

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