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A Radio License: 4 Important Differences

Radio licences in the UK are supplied and regulated by Ofcom. Typically speaking, a licensed radio is eight times more powerful than a license free radio. They are often a good choice for sites that are larger and need extra coverage or for businesses who want the added security. Ofcom offers various types of licenses for … Read more

Maddy Pearce

Two-Way Radios: Revealing The What and Whys

Used worldwide, the two-way radio is one of the most commonly used pieces of communication equipment. Despite the digital revolution replacing many older styles of technology, the two-way radio has remained extremely popular due to its functionality, versatility and reliability.  In the odds against the ever-evolving mobile phone and smart technology world, two-way radios have continued to improve, grow … Read more

Maddy Pearce

Free Radio Collection Booking

We know how easy it can be to lose track of which radios have slight niggles or which have been shoved in a draw because they no longer work. That is why we are now offering FREE collection of radios to get them back on the road and working for you again. Our repair shop … Read more

Maddy Pearce

Revealing 13 Common Radio Features

We know how confusing the world of two-way radios can be with all these new features coming into play, and it can be pretty tough trying to remember and understand what they all do, particularly when so many acronyms are used for these features. That’s why we have decided to try and break all the … Read more

Maddy Pearce

Ultimate CCTV Camera Systems For Hire in 2024!

Benefits of CCTV Camera Hires Hiring CCTV Cameras from Maximon Solutions couldn’t be easier! We offer reliable and user friendly systems to keep your home, business or sites safe. With a variety of camera types and set ups available, we can help you find the right system. Whether that is simply one camera to protect … Read more

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The PR-18C Body Cam: Revealing Why You Need It!

Body cameras offer several benefits in the workplace for a wide variety of environments. The safety of staff members and customers is high on the priority list for all employers and body cameras can greatly help with this goal. They are excellent for capturing incidents and events which is ideal for safety and can also … Read more

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The Ultimate Debate: Analogue VS Digital

One of the biggest debates that has arisen in the world of two-way radios over the past few years is analogue or digital. The two are both communication devices used for instant, reliable communication, but they differ in terms of technology and performance. Here are the key differences between digital and analogue two-way radios: Signal … Read more

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Customer Satisfaction Is Our Priority.

We appreciate all our customers and strive to be the best supplier we can for you. Thank you for taking the time to answer this short questionnaire, helping us to meet your requirements and improve. Maddy Pearce View all posts

Maddy Pearce

Festive Radio Hire in 2023

That time of year has come around again for Christmas Markets, Light Shows and Winter Wonderlands. Two-Way radios are excellent for maintaining communication between organisers and volunteers across large event sites, helping to make the event run smoother for everyone involved. That’s why this festive season, we are offering discounted rates on our short term … Read more

Maddy Pearce

The new P-9300 has arrived!

Introducing the brand new P-9300 digital radio, the newest addition to our Pronto range of walkie talkies. The P-9300 is a testament to the evolving world of two-way radios. Packed full of both safety and comfort features, you won’t want to miss out on what this new product can offer you! New P-9300 First Look … Read more

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