Ultimate CCTV Camera Systems For Hire in 2024!

Benefits of CCTV Camera Hires

Hiring CCTV Cameras from Maximon Solutions couldn’t be easier! We offer reliable and user friendly systems to keep your home, business or sites safe.

With a variety of camera types and set ups available, we can help you find the right system. Whether that is simply one camera to protect the vehicles on your driveway, or twenty cameras to cover a popular pub, we can help keep your valuables safe.

Cost Effective

Hiring a systems can be more cost effective over purchasing out-right.

For short-term needs or events, you don’t want to be buying a whole system, only for it to be made redundant once the need is gone. Hiring a system can be tailored to your needs and for the amount of time that you need security.

With prices starting as low as £2.50 per day, this is a great option for many business as well as personal property.


Hiring your CCTV cameras offers much more flexibility than purchasing a system does.

With our hiring packages, you will be able to adjust the number of cameras you have based on your needs or choose the type of camera to suit your requirements.

There is no need to get locked into one system because that is what you have paid for, we will work with you to make sure that the system you choose to hire, will be the best fit for you.

Latest Technology

Rental services will allow you access to the latest CCTV technology, without the need for a large up front cost. This ensures you have all of the best options available to you when setting up your system.

Maintenance & Support

Here at Maximon Solutions, we offer a great maintenance package with all our hires. Get access to health checks, and repairs for all technical issues that may occur during your hire.

Unlike owning a CCTV camera system, for issues that arise out of your control, there is no need to worry about an large, unexpected bill for repairs.

We will ensure that the equipment on your site is properly functioning through the period you hire from us.

Your property is safe with us.

maintenance on CCTV camera rentals

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