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The Ideal PMR446 Desk Top Communicator

PMR446 desk top console is designed to work with any PMR446 system and provide a stable, static, base type unit, ideal for a reception or control areas. It operates by mains or battery giving total flexibility – You won’t need to hunt for that Handportable again. No need to lift a radio to speak, just talk to the desk. No need to worry is your radio charged, or am I overcharging it.

Our desk top PMR446 communicator can even be used on its own to create a fixed intercom system for the office or home. Instant communications are at your hand with no call charges. Some of its many benefits include :

Up to 5km In Range – terrain dependent
License Free – PMR446 compatible
8 Channels – 38 codes (304 combinations)
Digital volume control – simple adjustment
Wall mount option – less space required
Uses AAA batteries – areas without power
Comes with mains power – reduced costs
Back lit LED display – user friendly

Package includes :

Mains power supply
User guide

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