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HYT TC2110 Rugged Executive PMR446 two way Radio

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The Fabulous HYT TC2110 Business radio is rugged and very compact in size making it an excellent option for the business user. The TC2110 can be reprogrammed for use as a full powered Private Business Radio (PBR) if you decide you require extra range in the future.

Frequency Range:


Features include:

RF Power Output: 0.5W
Channel Capacity: 16
Meets MIL-STD-810 C/D/E
CDCSS/CTCSS Signaling’s
Free Service and No License Required
Compact and Lightweight, Ergonomic Design
High-capacity 1250mAh Li-ion Battery
Top Mounted LCD Display, with Backlight for Nighttime Operation
Key lock
PC Programming
Wired Clone
Battery Save
Low Battery Alert
Busy Channel Lockout
Time-Out Timer
Priority Scan

The TC2110 utilises the standard Motorola style two pin socket at .75mm apart which enables it to fit all of our accessory range giving you further flexibility.

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