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Icom Airband IC-R3

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IC-R3 audio-visual receiver
Handheld Audio/Visual Receiver

Whether you are an Amateur Radio enthusiast, sports fan, security operative, commercial organisation or someone who is looking for the latest in audio-visual technology then the IC-R3 from Icom is the ideal product for you. The IC-R3 is a stylish handheld receiver incorporating a 2-inch colour screen. The merging of two technologies into the IC-R3 allows a user to run a combination of audio and visual broadcasts. Whether watching terrestrial television, viewing video images from wireless cameras or listening to different broadcast bands the Icom IC-R3 is a product guaranteed to open a whole new world of entertainment and usefulness to you.
IC-R3 – Introduction

Icom have always produced what is regarded as the best receiving equipment for both commercial and consumer use. The IC-R3 is just the latest addition to what is a top product range.For the Amateur Radio enthusiast, the IC-R3 offers a wealth of features including a high performance receiver, simple operation, frequency coverage from 0.495 to 2450 MHz, with AM, FM, WFM modes built-in and an abundance of operating features which are guaranteed to hold their interest. For those customers who want to use the receiver for long periods a powerful Lithium Ion battery comes as standard allowing up to 27 hours operation time.

However the IC-R3 is not only suitable for Amateur Radio enthusiasts. There are a wide range of social, commercial and leisure users that can reap benefits from the IC-R3:

Calling all sports fans! With the IC-R3, a new level of spectating can be achieved. If you are attending a motor sport event, for example, you may be able to keep up to date in the following ways:
By watching terrestrial television coverage of the race,
By watching one of the dedicated cameras scattered around the circuit,
Listen to radio coverage that the circuit provides,
Tune in to pit lane communication and all the other support services that use radio communications.
The essential tool for security schemes! You can receive pictures on the IC-R3 wherever there is a wireless camera. Installers of wireless CCTV cameras may be able to use the IC-R3 to ensure that their equipment has been correctly placed. Once installed, security operatives or police officers on the beat can monitor these cameras as well as listen to radio users in a scheme.
An ideal tool for Security Surveillance! Security officers on patrol may be able to monitor a whole site as well as other operatives patrolling a large facility (where there are cameras). The IC-R3 can be used to monitor areas where security is an issue, indoors or outdoors.
Stretch your imagination! The capability of the IC-R3 is only limited by your imagination. Why not use the IC-R3 in conjunction with a camera as a visual baby monitor keeping an eye on sleeping children while you are in another room or out in the garden.

Or quite simply use the IC-R3 to DC power
Supplied accessories:

FA-B03RE antenna, belt clip, battery spacer, BP-206 battery pack and BC-07 wall charger.

Full Icom radio range now available.
Specifications :

Approximate dimensions: 61(W)x120(H)x33(D)mm Weight: 300g

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