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Icom IC-F15/25 Series

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ICOM IC-F15S – IC-F15 – IC-F25S – IC-F25 PBR Range

Discontinued: Please try the IC-F3002 / IC-F4002 as an alternative

The Icom IC-F15 & 25 Series handportables is an upgraded version of their best selling PMR model IC-F12/22.

The IC-F15 series retains the simplicity of its predecessor with a minimum number of buttons and controls whilst providing most of the popular signalling capabilities and optional expansion potential. Add to this a new rugged Industrial design, wide range frequency coverage, Li-Ion battery and rapid charger as standard gives you the ideal radio for business use.

Simple operation – The IC-F15 series retains the simple user-interface from the IC-F12 series; 3 buttons (upper, lower and PTT) and a rotary or toggle channel selector to provide all the required functionality without any fuss.

Rugged construction – This radio is designed to withstand serious industrial use. Although the IC-F15 series is smaller and lighter than the IC-F12 series, the new dual rail guide increases durability against shock by securely locking the battery pack in place. The belt clip clamps securely between the radio and the battery, making it nearly impossible to knock loose.

Wide frequency coverage – The IC-F15 series covers a wide frequency (136–174, 400–470 MHz versions) and also has wide, middle and narrow channel spacing (25, 20, 12.5kHz*) selectable per channel. – * Cannot program 25 and 20 kHz at the same time.

Internal option units available – The IC-F15 series has an internal socket for optional internal units including voice scrambler, man down and DTMF decoder units.

Most popular signalling built-in – The IC-F15 series has 2-Tone, 5-Tone, CTCSS and DTCS signalling capabilities as standard for group communication or selective calling. The IC-F15 series can decode ten 2-Tone codes and eight 5-Tone codes on a channel. When a matched tone is received, many actions are programmable for each code such as beep sounds, answer back calls, LED, stun/kill radio, scans etc.

Lithium-Ion battery pack and rapid charger as standard – The IC-F15 series comes with BP-231 Li-Ion battery pack and BC-160 desktop rapid charger as standard.

N.B. Please email your frequency information when ordering Private Business Radio equipment to

The IC-F15 series comes with BP-231 Li-Ion battery pack and BC-160 desktop rapid charger as standard.

The complete range of Max audio accessories is available for use with this product offering even greater flexibility.

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