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Icom Marine IC-M401 Euro V

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IC-M401 Compact Submersible Fixed VHF Transceiver compact in size and easy to use, the IC-M401 is ideal for anyone new to marine radio, anyone that wants to upgrade to a DSC solution at a later date or anyone wanting a waterproof transceiver where space is at a premium.

The IC-M401, together with its optional DSC controller (DS-100) is rated JIS-7 submersible and is really ideal for small boats, like RIB’s, where space is at a premium and where water ingress on communication equipment has been a traditional problem. It has a flush mount body and compact front panel that make it ideal for installation in a steering panel or bulkhead.

The uncomplicated display, found also on the IC-M501Euro, is a move by Icom to put usability at the top of the agenda. A large LCD (27 x 43mm) is incorporated into the design allowing easy viewing of the channel display and the scrolling 10-character channel name system even in direct sunlight, or when water has been splashed on the screen. In addition, the 4-step amber backlight for both the LCD and buttons allows the set to be seen in low-light conditions.

Along with DSC compatibility, the IC-M401 also has other essential facilities, such as all channel access, dual and tri-watch and fast scanning. The radio comes with a standard waterproof remote function microphone which provides instant channel selection. The optional DS-100 DSC controller is an independent ‘Class D’ DSC unit with built-in Ch70 watchkeeping receiver. The 160-character display and large, clearly labelled controls lend themselves to simple, intuitive operation allowing the user to make routine individual group and all ship calls with ease.

The IC-M401 is extremely compact measuring only 153(W) x 67(H) x 141.3(D) mm. The IC-M401Euro has a newly designed large speaker grille, which gives excellent audio quality from the front-mounted speaker. This results in clear reception, even over wind or engine noise.

Dimensions: 153(W)x67(H)x141.6(D)mm Weight: 900g
Options and Accessories

DS-100 Class D (EN 301 025), VHF DSC Controller
MB-69 Flush Mount Kit for the IC-M401Euro
MB-69 Flush Mount Kit for the DS-100
SP-5 External Speaker
SP-10 External Speaker

Supplied accessories:

Hand microphone
DC power cable
Mounting bracket kit
Spare fuses

Compact, Submersible, Fixed VHF Transceiver that can be thouroughly relied on to offer top performance even inthe most demanding of environments.

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