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Motorola TLKR T7

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Discontinued: Now replaced with the TLKR T8

This is the new Motorola TLKR T7, the direct replacement for the ever popular T5622 twinpack. These radios are designed for sporting use with a number of useful new features not normally available in low-cost twinpack radios including Caller ID and Direct Call (a ‘Speed Dial’-like function). The set consists of 2 units, rechargeable NiMH batteries and a double Drop-In charger, with user manual.

Backlit LCD Display
Channel monitor / Scan
Battery save
10 Call-Tones
8 Channels
Battery meter
Direct Call inc. “All Call” and “Direct Call” functions
Auto Channel Change (for whole group)
Auto Squelch
Room monitor
Sleep function

Each Twin Pack is supplied with

2 x Radios
2 x Rechargable NiMH battery packs
Twin drop-in charger and power supply

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