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Vertex VX-410/420 Series

Discontinued, Please try the VX-45 Series as an alternative

The Vertex VX-410/420 series has a host of built in features to provide you with the highest quality audio communications.

The VX-410/420 also ensures user safety and security. It has a lone worker function that protects the user working in an isolated area by sending out emergency signals if they haven’t used the radio or replied in a set time.

It also has a key lock control which stops settings from being changed when the buttons have been pressed accidentally. These radios also have a stun, kill and revive option so that they can disable lost or stolen radios and stop unwanted listeners.

Which of the Vertex VX-410 and VX-420 is right for you?

VX-410/420 Feature Comparison
VX-410 VX-420
256 channels (32CH)
6 programmable keys (2)  
LCD display  
Full keypad    
Meets MIl 810 D/E/F specifications    
Maximise battery life    
Priority scan    
Loud audio    
10 hours battery life    
Lone worker function    
Stun/kill and revive    
Programmable key lock    
5 tone signaling    

PBR Licensed radios intended for use in the UK require a licence from OFCOM.

Please email: with your frequency details or if you require licensing information.

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