Two-Way Radios for Education

Many schools and universities have opted to use walkie talkies on their sites for communication between all the staff. Educational institutions hold the safety of all the students and staff at the top of their priority list. The key to this? Constant communication and free flow of information.

In such a busy environment, there are many risks to consider including various accidents, safety threats, aggression and environmental hazards. The risks that are connected with these institutions has been proven to be significantly reduced through the use of a two-way radio system.

There is a variety of reasons and situations the the education sector use two-way radios in. Expand the sections below to learn how a two-way radio can help in these situations.

In the case of a first-aid incident, the ability for a teacher to quickly call for a first aider without ever needing to leave the students side is imperative. It allows the student to be kept safe whilst help is on the way. In the scary instance of an unauthorised person on the schools premises, the quick communication that radios allow for all members of staff to be notified of such an occurrence can be a lifesaver.

On large campuses it can often be rather difficult to locate a member of staff when you need them. Teachers are constantly wondering around the schools whether they are keeping an eye on students during breaks, or if they are a free-floating teacher with no allocated classroom. With a two-way radio, you can cut out all the searching, save time and locate the person you need.

Taking a group of children outside of the comfort zone that is your school can be a very stressful time for all adults involved. Moving with a large group of school kids can be a logistical nightmare, and schools often adapt the procedure to break down into more manageable groups with an adult group leader. If you provide every group leader with a radio, then suddenly you can all stay in contact throughout the day!

On large campuses such as universities, it is common to have teams of security patrolling the site to keep all the staff and students safe. It is important that they can communicate with one another at all times in case of any suspicious activity. In cases where privacy is concerned, schools can use licenced radios in which their radios are programmed onto a private frequency so no one else in the area could tune in and listen. Additionally, security teams often opt to use ear-pieces which transmit the communication through the piece so only the wearer can hear, rather than it being heard from the radio’s speakers.

School event such as open days for prospective students or Christmas shows can result in a high volume of visitors arriving on site in a short period of time. From car-park to crowd control, a two-way radio system will help your staff and volunteers stay in control of the event and provide your visitors will an excellent experience and over-all impression of your school.

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Choosing Your Radios

Each site is different so there is no clean-cut way of explaining in a blog how to choose the radio that is right for your school. We strive to help you find the right fit got your environment which is why if you are looking to set up a two-way radio system for your schools premises, we can send you demos to trial or we can visit the site and test the options with you. Either way, we aim for you to be confident in your new set up.

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