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If you’re suffering from poor radio coverage, we can provide you with a free trial on a mobile repeater!

If you find it to be of use then feel free to keep it on, at just a small monthly fee, and if not then don’t worry, we can remove it at no cost to yourselves!

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Local PBR Base Unit

This repeater is ideal for control areas our local base units can operate via fixed or temporary antennas and will provide good stable communications for control areas. A mains power socket is all that is required. Package includes a base station desk microphone. Our standard base is made utilising a Maxon PM100 radio and a high quality power supply which offers 4 channels and the most commonly required features. We can make any combination of local base station (provided it matches specification) should alternative types of mobile radio with specific additional functions be required.

HYT TR-50 Repeater Base Station from HYT

This long awaited mobile talkthrough base station provides excellent flexibility and the benefit of increased range for your private business radio system (PBR) all at a price that will not break the bank. Quality and compact design ensures simple and fast setup. If your application is temporary or permanent tr-50 will fit the bill. Housed in a robust steel case our innovative TR-50 repeater will provide a cost effective platform to run your two way radio system, significantly increasing its range.


Talk-through repeater base unit including duplexer for single aerial working:

Where a larger area of coverage is required our talk-through base station is the answer. Installed centrally to the required area of coverage each signal is received by the Talk-through and simultaneously retransmitted ensuring a far greater coverage area. Installing repeaters inside large buildings can significantly reduce blind spots within the building. We can carry out a site survey to fully design your system. The price quoted includes a duplexer to enable the repeater to operate via single aerial working.

SRP Repeater

SRP Repeater Series

The SRP Repeater Series uses a combination of 2 Icom IC-F110S/IC-F210S mobile radios and can be used as a VHF to VHF, UHF to UHF or cross brand repeater. The SRP Repeater has been designed to enhance coverage of a two way radio system. It can also re-transmit received audio without noticeable delay, enhancing operations range even further.

  • It can be added to any existing radio systems
  • Ideal for emergency services vehicles
  • Easily portable
  • Compact
  • CTCSS signalling
  • Optional duplexer can be fitted
  • Vehicle and desk mountable

Kenwood TKR-751/851

The TKR-751/851 is very versatile as it can be used as a group conventional repeater, a base station or as the core of a trunking system. It has plenty of features that ensure reliability and an excellent performance.

  • Battery backup system – sends a warning tone after DC supply has switched from main to backup power
  • Windows programming and tuning software – compatible PC programming with Windows provides easy setup
  • LED display and indicators – 7 segment/ 2 character front panel LED provides clear, high visibility 2 character alphanumeric display
  • Simplex or duplex base station operation – can be operated in either simplex or duplex base station mode with up to 16 channels and priority scan
  • Built in cooling fan

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