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Unlicensed Business Radio - The P-4460
Unlicensed business radios for you!

Unlicensed Business Radio are applicable to many inudstries, including but not exclusive to warehouse’s, building sites, schools, offices, country estates, security and innumerable more applications. This range of Unlicensed Business Radios has been specifically selected by us for use in Business environments. These radios are more rugged and of a higher quality design than our leisure range, similar to licensed private business radios (PBR). They do however share the same license free PMR446 frequencies as the the leisure range. The following Unlicensed Business Radios are simple to use and have many audio accessory options. They generally have a greater range than leisure PMR446 radios due to a better build quality and more efficient antenna.

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More Information on PMR446 Radios

Click here for Ofcom information on PMR446 Radios

The Maximon range of Unlicensed Business Radios

Pronto P-4460

The P-4460 is designed to be extremely tough, compact and benefits from a high output speaker to offer super clear audio quality even in high noise environments.

These transceivers are totally at home in all business applications including construction, security, education and anywhere that has a necessity for stable reliable communications. One of the best Unlicensed Business Radios that money can buy!

P-4460 benefits from a sophisticated battery save function sending the radio into sleep mode prolonging battery life whilst never missing a transmission.

Comes complete with:

Charger & PSU

The Pronto P-4460 supersedes the Max-555 radio.

Pronto P-5446 product details

The P-5446 is a PMR446 Licensed Free radio is fully waterproofed and is compact robust and feature rich. The radio has a large speaker providing fantastic audio in even the most noisey environments.

This transceivers is totally at home in all business applications including construction, security, education and anywhere that has a necessity for stable reliable communications.

P-5446 benefits from a sophisticated battery save function sending the radio into sleep mode prolonging battery life whilst never missing a transmission, also has a vibrate and lone worker function.

This is yet another one of our excellent Unlicensed Business Radios, and with such good functionality and at such a competitve price, the P-5446 is a no brainer for a whole host of business applications.

Comes complete with:

Charger & PSU

The Pronto P-5446 supersedes the Max-800 radio.

Kenwood Tk3501 PMR446 radio

A traditional PMR446 analogue radio, following directly on from Kenwoods legendary TK3301 Protalk. The ideal choice for anyone looking to expand their Unlicensed Business Radios & analogue radio fleet.

Motorola XT420

Replacing the XTNi series Motorola introduces the XT400 series PMR446 Business radio, The XT420 is simple to use, non display and features handy voice prompts

Motorola XT460

The XT460 is a rugged PMR446 business radio with the added feature of an LCD display so you can visually confirm exactly which channel you’re on as needed

Icom IC-F4029SDR

The IC-F4029SDR is compliant with ETSI TS 102 490 and EN 301 166-2 specifications. Unlike other models on the high street, the IC-F4029SDR is truly a professional transceiver. It shares the basic electrical and structural design with the IC-F3022/F4022 series of PMR radios. However with the introduction of the latest 6.25kHz ultra narrow digital voice technologies, the IC-F4029SDR bring users better communication versatility and quality because of digital clarity, razor sharp signaling performance and less congested dedicated digital PMR channels. With fantastic sound quality and great features this product will create new dimension in communications for commercial and private users alike.

Entel HX446 Ver 2.0

This is the License Free HX400 Version 2 series radio

The Entel HX400 Version 2 series radios are high quality and feature-rich, extremely robust, compact and lightweight. They range from entry level to advanced.

This is the brand new version of the HX446, Entel’s compact license-free Handportable radio. It has 16 channels, and meets the MIL-STD 810C/D/E/F rating for tough enduring performance and in addition has a superior IP55 splash proof construction. Entel can now offer the choice between a Display and Non-Display version (HX446L and HX446E respectively).

The HX446 Version 2.0 comes with channel scanning, VOX and local personal attack alarm, with optional Bluetooth communications facility and variable point voice scrambler. It also comes supplied with the lightweight Li-Ion battery, the maintenance of which is now supported further by the new Battery Cycle Count feature (available only with the screen version).

Entel HT446 Ver 2.0

This is the License Free HT700-style Version 2 series radio

The Entel HT446 is the radio the real business user has been waiting for! The first SUBMERSIBLE PMR 446 from Entel. Unlike the majority of PMR446 products currently on the market, HT446 is no throw away toy. Entel recognises that today’s business users demand the highest levels of performance and dependability to ensure the smooth efficient running of their workplace.

HT446 draws upon the pedigree of the award winning HT series design, offering advanced features combined with commercial grade construction. Such a full and complete specification is something that Entel’s closest competition can only dream of.

Entel HT952/HT953 Series (ATEX) Version 2.0

For those requiring an entry level portable, the HT900 is a cost effective solution. The new HT900 Series 2.0 has superior build quality and exceptionally loud audio that enables you to communicate in the noisiest environments, making it the choice of the fire & rescue services and major blue-chip petrochem organisations worldwide.This low cost entry level model is simple to use, yet highly specified, offering features such as channel scanning, and local personal attack alarm, with optional Bluetooth communications facility and variable point voice scrambler.

The HT900 Series is of course Fully Submersible and the Version 2.0 radios are visibly tougher than their predecessors. Entel have expanded their radios’ capabilities and put time into designing a superior product.

Built to the same standard as the HT900 professional series and with all the same features this is a lot of radio and with no license required it has lower running costs. With the standard 2 year Entel warranty you can have piece of mind that this is a robust, fully submersible and reliable radio all the qualities you would now expect from Entel.

HT952/HT953 – Submersible PMR446 ATEX

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We had been experiencing issues with our mobile phone signal at a particularly integral location of the hospital and contacted Maximon having received their email for a mobile phone signal booster.. the prompt site survey allowed us to gain delivery and installation in what was a very difficult project. The Maximon team kept us up to date every step of the way and we were exceptionally happy with the end result, and now have clear mobile communications. The service provided was both effective and efficient

5 April 2019

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Thank you for supplying six Pronto PMR’s & Shoulder cases
We are so pleased with them that we would like to order another six, again with shoulder cases

(1st April 2019)

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I have always found Maximon Solutions to be extremely helpful when ordering our 2 way radios. We have also sent radios back for repair and they offer a free quotation. Excellent customer service and prompt delivery.

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