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Combination bike to bike and rider to pillion packages

These packs feature in helmet headsets, and walkie talkie two way radios for communication between motorcyclists. Ideal for instructors, students, motorcycle clubs and tour groups. We can also provide custom two way radio packages and intercoms for your needs. Individual components are also available.

Scala Headsets

The best wireless headsets on the market- Made by Bikers for Bikers

No More messy and potentially unsafe wires with the Cardo Systems Scala headsets. The most advanced bluetooth headsets on the planet.

  • Stay handsfree and legal
  • Connect to Mobile phones, GPS, MP3 players, built in FM radio
  • As used by Adam Raga: The worlds top Trial rider.
  • Connect up to three riders [model dependent]
  • Great for Bikers but also essential for riders, drivers, sports enthusiasts any anyone who needs hands free communication.

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Bike-Comm Headsets


TK3301 & VOX Headset


MAX-555 & PTT headset


Max-555 & Entry Level headset


TX1446 & VOX Headset


Instructor +2 Students


Individual Headsets


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