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Two-way radio Packages For Schools

Basic licensed free PMR446 Radios : Ideal for the smaller Schools, our selection of licensed free business grade two way radios is simple but hugely effective. Straight forward Walkie Talkies with up to 16 channels and ready to use from the box.

Licensed Business Radios (PBR) : Ideal for larger sites, our Schools selection of two way radios remain simple to operate but offer a more powerful solution leading to a larger area of coverage.  In addition talk-through booster stations often known as repeaters can be used to further increase the radios coverage.

How will I know which Two Way Radio is right for my School? This is where we can really assist. We will either send you radios for you to try at your leisure (very popular) or we can visit site and test the options with you.  Either way, you will not move forward without 100% confidence in your chosen Radio System!

Using two way radios in schools can help to provide your duty of care and meet conditions of many public liability insurance policies.

However, choosing the right package of two way radios for an institution can be difficult with the wide variety of prices and types of equipment that are available on the market today. Each site also has differing needs depending on the size of the grounds and what they would use wireless communications for.

Our experts have had consultations with schools and colleges, of all sizes, about which kind of two way radios they use and what they would like receive from using a system. After taking note of what they said, we put together a selection of different two way radios and accessories that are suitable for various institutions.

Call us today for more help or email sales@maximonsolutions.com to make a suggestion or to arrange a callback.

Some of the numerous uses for Two-way radio in schools are:

  • Playground control
  • Janitorial and maintenance
  • Security
  • Car parking
  • Event communications
  • Plays and shows

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