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The Adesso WT446

With our extensive tests we have found the best skiing two way radio and audio accessory combination available today!

Being in touch with friends while skiing significantly adds to the fun, not to mention making skiing safer for everyone. So we have made it more simple this year to stay connected – this ideal combination provides a twin pack of fabulous Adesso WT446 radios, which come with chargers and acoustic tube earpieces to bring it all together! No need to remove your gloves to talk on the radio – our earpieces come with mics, coupled with the superb quality acoustic tubes you can experience excellent communications even in the noisiest of environments!!


Radio features and benefits :

  • Cost-free operation – No licence fee or airtime charges just drop in the batteries and talk Instant communication
  • Instant communication – Just press and hold the push-to-talk button for instant contact with your group
  • User-friendly for all the family to enjoy – Chunky rotary on/off/volume switch and large easy-to-read screen with user-friendly icons showing channel, code and battery status.
  • Lightweight and wearable – The WT446 fits in the palm of your hand and come with an easy release belt clip.
  • Adaptable – Just add more radios to your group when required.
  • 16 channels – Interference won’t be a problem

Adesso WT446 Radio Specifications

Band UHF
Frequencies 446.00625 MHz 446.01875 MHz 446.03125 MHz 446.04375 MHz 446.05625 MHz 446.06875 MHz 446.08125 MHz 446.09375 MHz
Transmit Power 500 mWatt
Channels 16
Codes Over 100
Talk Range Up to 5 km depending upon terrain and conditions
Dimensions (mm) 60 (w) x 40 (d) x 120 (h)
Power Source Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery Pack
Weight 150g
Battery life Li-Ion Battery Approx 16 Hrs*
Battery Life Key * Assuming 5% transmit, 5% receive and 90% standby.
** With premium quality alkaline cells
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