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Running an individual taxicab, or maintaining a fleet of private hire vehicles can be an expensive undertaking especially when you start adding together the costs of insurance and fuel.

Luckily your dispatch and communications costs can be slashed with our specialist taxi packs.

Option 1: Taxi Driver

Vertex Mobile Radio
Vertex Mobile Radio


The Taxi Driver package comes complete with everything needed to run a vehicle.

  • Mobile radio which will come preprogrammed with your licensed frequency and a handheld microphone.
  • Magmount and whip antenna.
  • Eazytalk hands free kit

Option 2:The Dispatcher

Local Base Station
Local Base Station
Base Station Antenna
Base Station Antenna


This option contains the following equipment.

  • High powered Local base station, PSU and Microphone
  • Base station antenna. & 5 meters of CoAx cable
  • A “Free radio Health Check” to advise on the best area to site your transmitter and a review of any other coverage issues that you may have .

An additional desk microphone is available for £89+VAT

Antenna Installation

The antenna supplied with the base station is supplied for your own installation if your require one of our qualified riggers to erect it for a competitive rate.


As these radios transmit on the Licensed PBR frequencies you will need to license their use with OFCOM

The cost of purchasing an onsite License currently starts at £75 and may increase depending on the congestion in an area. For an additional fee when you purchase your equipment. We can organise your application to save you time and to make sure that the correct license arrives first time.

If you would like to take up these one of these special offers either contact us via email at sales@maximonsolutions.com or call us on 01628 878 066 to discuss your needs.

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