Cadex Battery Testing

The world’s most versatile, cost effective,easy-to-use battery management system

Fast, Simple and Efficient — The Cadex C7000 Series analyzer’s service batteries through innovative test and restoration methods. SnapLock adapters accommodate all major batteries; specialty batteries connect by cables that can be programmed with the analyzer’s menu function. Operation is simple; little or no training is needed.

Specialty programs serve unique battery needs: Quicktest™ measures battery state-of-health in three minutes regardless of charge; Boost wakes up batteries with low voltage; Prime forms new batteries and Auto restore batteries that fall below the target capacity. Four ampere per station reduces service time for larger batteries. An optional printer generates service reports and battery labels.

Computerize battery testingCadex Batteryshop™ forms an integrated system between analyzer’s and a PC. The software assists mobile phone dealers in simplifying battery testing — managers of large battery fleets in performing the periodic maintenance — and battery manufacturers in meeting consistent quality standards.

Choose from over 2000 battery models and program the analyzer with a simple mouse click. Scanning the battery’s model number, if a bar code is available, also programs the analyzer. The test results can be displayed on screen in real time graphs and printed in customized reports. Batteryshop™ is equally proficient supporting one analyzer or a fully extended system of 120 units.

Cadex Batteryshop™ Software

Voltage, current and temperature are shown in real-time graphics, which can be printed in customized formats. Point and click technology allows programming the analyzer.

Why batteries need more than charging…

  • Eighty percent of batteries returned under warranty can be restored with a battery analyzer. The savings are in the millions.
  • All batteries gradually lose capacity. Battery analyzer’s identify low capacity batteries and restore them to full service or weed them out. In addition, battery analyzer’s double the life of Ni-Cd batteries. The payback is typically less than one year.

How can Cadex 7000 Series analyzer’s help?

If you experience any of the following problems, the Cadex analyzer is of benefit:

  • No provision to check and restore returned warranty batteries.
  • Experience shorter than expected battery service life.
  • Batteries fail prematurely, even after a full charge.
  • Unable to pinpoint good and bad batteries.

Product Specification

  • Voltage Range Lithium-based: 3.6 to 14.4V; Nickel-based: 1.2 to 14.4V; Lead-based: 2.0 to 16.0V
  • Current Range 100mAh-24Ah; up to 4A charge and discharge current per station; 2A on digital discharge.
  • Charge Method Lithium and Lead-based batteries: constant voltage with current limit. Nickel-based batteries: constant current with a programmable reverse load from 5 – 12%. Customized charge methods possible.
  • Adapters SnapLock Battery Adapters hold up to 10 C-Codes; re-programmable with menu function.
  • Programs The programs operate independently with each C-Code.


  • Auto Basic Exercises battery and applies Recondition (nickel-based batteries only) if target capacity is not met.
  • Charge Applies fast charge; no capacity readings taken.
  • Prime Cycles battery until peak capacity is reached.
  • QuickTest Checks battery state-of-health in 3 minutes. If outside testing range, a brief charge or discharge is provided.


  • SelfDCH Tests self-discharge of battery.
  • LifeCycle Cycles battery until capacity drops below set target.
  • DCHOnly Discharges battery to 1V/cell. Used for storage.
  • ExtPrime Applies 16-hour trickle charge, followed by Prime.
  • OhmTest Measures internal battery resistance.
  • RunTime Simulates digital discharge load.
  • Learn Scans battery to obtain Quicktest matrices.
  • Custom Allows 4 user-defined programs.


  • Data Port RS-232 interfaces to computer, serial printer or label maker (Dymo); prints service reports and battery labels. Additional printers are supported through Batteryshop™. Cadex 7400 also features parallel port.
  • Firmware Internet upgradeable, flash memory
  Cadex 7200 Cadex 7400
Battery Bays 2, independent; intelligent power management 4, independent; intelligent power management
Line Voltages Line Voltages 100–240V AC, 50–60Hz; 1.5A max. 100–240V AC, 50–60Hz; 1.75A max
Physical L= 312 mm; W= 240mm; H= 90mm; 3.2kg L= 366 mm; W= 280mm; H=100mm; 4.5kg
  • Environmental Recommended operating temperature 0° to 45°C; storage temperature -40° to 75°C
  • Approvals Tested and approved by ITS to comply with CSA/UL/CE standards
  • Warranty Cadex warrants against defective materials and workmanship for 3 years from purchase date.

Cadex Batteryshop™

Computer Requirements: Windows 9x, Windows Me, Windows NT4 (SP4) installed, or Windows 2000 Professional (SP1) installed; Windows NT4/2000 preferred. Pentium 200 MHZ or better. Minimum 2.5 GB hard drive recommended; 160 MB available disk space necessary. Minimum 32 MB of RAM main memory for Windows 9x; 64 MB of RAM main memory for Windows Me or Windows NT 4.0; 128 MB RAM for Windows 2000 Professional.

Cadex C7000 Pricing

When purchasing Cadex C7000 series analysers for specific battery types please specify in the email form the make and model of battery they are to fit. Alternatively order the preferred universal adapter below.

Part No: 07-720-0000
£1462.12 +VAT

Cadex C7200

Includes Serial Port to connect to Printer Label Maker or Computer (Pods not included see below) 2 station.

Part No: 07-740-0000
£2368.24 +VAT

Cadex C7400

Includes Parallel and Serial ports to Connect to Printer and Computer (Pods not included see below) 4 station.

Part No: 07-740-1000
£3351.85 +VAT

Cadex C7400ER

High Power up to 30 volts ideal for medical, military & specialist power tool packs.

Cadex Battery Adapters

Adapters are Pre-installed with the Voltage and chemistry of the battery – Over 600 adapters available call for details

Part No: 07-110-0115
£111.24 +VAT

Universal Adapters

Cadex Smart Cables / Alligator Clips

Part No: 07-770-2001
£212.37 +VAT

Universal Adapters

Cadex Flex Arm / NEW

Part No: 07-770-2001
£386.78 +VAT

Batshop Software

Batshop allows Cadex analysers to be run through a PC to collate detailed battery Information and data.

£385 +VAT

Voltage Calibration Kit

Cadex battery analyzer’s must be calibrated annually to remain effective. the voltage calibration kit is a necessary piece of equipment to maintain your battery fleet.

Send your Cadex analyzer to us to be re calibrated

Send your Cadex analyzer in to Maximon Solutions for us to calibrate Make a note in your diary! so that you don’t forget.

Re certificate your Voltage calibrator

Every two years your Voltage calibrator will need to be recertified. send it to us to ensure that it is working correctly.

Cadex Hire

You can benefit from the use of a CADEX analyser without needing to purchase it! call us today on 0800 0155 310 or visit our battery analyzer hire page to see our prices.

Key Benefits of the Cadex 7200 and 7400 over competitive Battery Analyzer’s

  1. Supports all five battery chemistries: NiCd, NiMH, SLA, Lithium ion and Li-Polymer. Units are easily upgraded over the PC and special adapters are not required for Li-Ion batteries. Some competitors do not support Li-ion nor allow field upgrades.
  2. Batteries are serviced against preset voltage and capacity and using proper charge algorithms. Some competitors use a ‘one-fits-all’ setting that does not provide high accuracy.
  3. Tests batteries 2 to 3 times faster than other analyzer’s using C-rate programmable charge currents for accuracy. Some competitors use a fixed charge/discharge current, regardless of battery size leading to longer service time and less accurate results.
  4. Cadex Analyzer’s use the QuickTest program providing the State of Health in 5 minutes – this provides the fastest throughput analyzer on the market.
  5. Over 800 easy to insert Battery Adapters simplify battery connection. Some competitors have a limited variety of adapters, require technical expertise to change them. Almost all require special adapters for Li-Ion batteries. Some are not able to service Li-Ion batteries or Li-Polymer batteries.
  6. Each Battery Adapter can be programmed to 10 unique C-codes to service all batteries of same footprint. Some competitors require a different adapter for each battery.
  7. The battery information is stored in the adapter for optimum flexibility. Stored information includes: chemistry, voltage, mAh rating, charge/discharge rates, charge method, end-of-discharge, etc. Competitors put these settings permanently into the analyzer so they cannot be changed.
  8. All battery parameters are user-programmable through the analyzer’s keypad. Most competitors offer fixed settings.
  9. Automated programs optimise operation. For example: Quicktest provides the State of Health in 5 minutes, Prime prepares a battery for field use; Auto restores weak batteries. Our competitors offer only discharge/charge cycles and the more advanced competitors provide Prime or Condition functions which are only several charge discharge cycles.
  10. Target Capacity setting allows automated battery service. Batteries that do not meet the set target are automatically reconditioned when in Auto mode. Our competitors do not offer this unique feature.
  11. Capacity is shown in percentage of the nominal battery rating. Our competitors indicate the capacity in mAh, requiring the user to be familiar with the rating of each battery type serviced and to manually calculate if the capacity is acceptable.
  12. Recondition mode commonly restores nickel-based batteries to full service using a very deep discharge below the battery end of discharge voltage to dissolve memory formation. Our competitors classify these batteries as dead because they do not offer this feature. Competitors tend to use the word Recondition which is the same as the Cadex PRIME program – these are several charge and discharge cycle primarily used to condition new batteries for field use.
  13. Unique, proprietary QuickTest checks battery condition and provides the state of health in five minutes using fuzzy logic algorithms. Our competitors do not offer this powerful feature and are unable to recreate it.
  14. Boost enlivens dead batteries or batteries with very low voltage to allowing them to be charged. Competitors do not offer this feature.
  15. Reverse Load Charge reduces gas buildup, keeps battery cool during service, optimises battery performance and prolongs battery life. Some competitors use only DC charge.
  16. Detects over 30 fault codes and spells out anomalies in English providing a comprehensive method of quality assurance testing and fault tracking. Our competitors do not go into such detail.
  17. Prints detailed service reports and labels to serial and parallel printers. Some competitors need a PC to run a printer and only provide brief information.
  18. Data Retention resumes service after power failure. Our competitors do not offer this feature.
  19. Batteryshop™ software provides a simple yet powerful PC network interface to control and monitor up to 120 Cadex C7000 battery analyzer’s Its database contains over 2000 battery models with pre-programmed test algorithms, stores service information and tracks battery usage and aids preparing battery budgets. Our competitors do not offer network software, neither do they provide a battery database.
  20. Three-year warranty. Most competitors offer shorter warranties.

Cadex C7000 Series Information

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