Two-Way Radios for Security

For many years, Maximon Solutions have been supplying quality products and exceptional customer service to the security industry.

Our team has developed over the years, and as technology has advanced, our knowledge has expanded. This allows us to confidently offer value for money, placing Maximon as a front-runner in the market.

Two-way radios are a vital tool in security operations for several reasons. Their ability to provide instant, reliable communication makes them essential for maintaining safety, coordination, and efficiency in various settings.

Security Considerations

Why Choose Radios

Instant Communication: Two-way radios allow security personnel to communicate instantly, ensuring rapid response to incidents. This immediacy is crucial in emergencies where time is of the essence.

Reliability: Unlike cell phones, two-way radios do not rely on cellular networks, which can become overloaded or fail during crises. Radios operate on their own frequencies, providing a more dependable communication channel.

Coverage: Two-way radios can be tailored to cover specific areas, whether a small building or a large campus. With the right infrastructure, such as repeaters, the range can be extended significantly.

Group Communications: Radios enable one-to-many communication, allowing a single message to be broadcast to an entire team simultaneously. This feature is invaluable for coordinating group actions and ensuring all team members are informed.

Durability: Two-way radios are designed to be rugged and durable, often built to withstand harsh environments, drops, and adverse weather conditions. This durability is essential for security work, which can involve physical activity and outdoor exposure.

Privacy and Security: Radios often use encrypted channels to prevent eavesdropping, ensuring that communications remain confidential. This is particularly important for sensitive operations.

Cost Effective: Compared to cell phones, two-way radios can be more cost-effective in the long run. There are no recurring service charges, and maintenance costs are typically lower.

Special Features: Many two-way radios come equipped with features beneficial to security work, such as:

> Emergency Alert Buttons: Allowing a user to send a distress signal to others.

> GPS Tracking: Enabling the monitoring of the location of personnel.

> Noise Cancellation: Ensuring clear communication in noisy environments.

> Man Down Alerts: Automatically sending an alert if the radio detects that the user is in a prone position for a certain period.

Security guard

Maximon Solutions supplies a number of security firms nationwide, all with their own requirements and tailored systems.

Recommended Products

Why Choose Maximon

Having technical expertise in our industry is one thing, but what’s more important to us is sharing it with our customers. Our in-depth understanding of the security and CCTV market allows us to identify current trends and carefully source products that meet industry demands. Our products go through rigorous testing and evaluation, to ensure that we are recommending the equipment which best suits your particular application or project.

With our same-day turnaround service and next-day product delivery*, clients can rely on Maximon Solutions to supply equipment within short deadlines and for last minute jobs.

From designing and planning to installation advice and on-going maintenance, we support every client with every project, large or small. We assist with site surveys and commissioning, and our systems training and on-site facilities equal the best in the industry. Our well-renowned after sales care service ensures that clients are always 100% satisfied.

*subject to stock availability

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