Festive Radio Hire in 2023

That time of year has come around again for Christmas Markets, Light Shows and Winter Wonderlands.

Two-Way radios are excellent for maintaining communication between organisers and volunteers across large event sites, helping to make the event run smoother for everyone involved.

That’s why this festive season, we are offering discounted rates on our short term two-way radio hires from 1 week events to month long markets.

The 2023 Festive Deals

Length of HireDigital RadioAnalogue Radio
1-2 Weeks£16.00£13.00
2-4 Weeks£15.20£12.35
4+ Weeks£13.60£11.05
this festive season, hire your radios to keep all visitors and staff safe!

Hiring VS Purchasing

This is a big question for all companies, not just event teams. At Maximon Solutions we offer the chance for us customers to purchase their own radios, set up long-term hires, or even short-term hires for one-off events.

For one-time events or events that may last a few weeks over this festive period, hiring radios will more often than not be a more cost-effective route for many teams.

As they may not be used again until next year, most event organisers will opt to have short-term hire as it eliminates any maintenance costs that come with purchasing radios. However, if you are an events company that puts on different events all through-out the year, it may be worth considering a long-term hire or even purchasing radios to ensure that you always have cover for your events. All hires have basic maintenance covered by us, so if anything technical were to go wrong during your hire period, you can be confident in the knowledge that you are not alone and we will solve your communication issues.


Security at events is a top priority for all organisers. From managing the entrances and checking bags to the general security of the site, it is important for all team members to be able to quickly communicate without delay.

Providing your security team with radios will allow them to pass messages along to other members easily, whether than it a request for additional help in dealing with a situation, or simple informing everyone that the site is safe and running smoothly. Your security team can communicate with just themselves on one channel, or switch to another channel to talk with all radio users depending on the topic of conversation.

Walkie-talkies are an excellent form of reliable communication as they do not work off mobile signal, instead operating on radio frequencies and are there foreless prone to bad service areas, or an influx of usage from guests.

Food and Bar Stalls

Depending on the structure and nature of the event, food and bar stalls are likely to operate in a different manor, but in any situation, two-way radios will be of use!

For long term Christmas markets it is common for the food and drink stalls to be outside businesses and due to the amount of time they are spending there, it is common for organisers to have allowed each vendor an area out of visitor sight to store supplies. This area is often a bit far of a walk for the bar-staff and servers to quickly nip to and restock, so there is more than likely going to be floaters and runners to grab what is needed.

In this case, two-way radios are extremely helpful as it allows for staff serving customers to quickly communicate to their co-workers that they need additional supplies. Two-way radios are great as they allow the message to be transmitted and received instantaneously without requiring the receiver to answer their phone first.

Medical & Emergencies

All large events must ensure that they are properly prepared for all medical and emergency situations. The festive period always brings an extra level of risk, whether it is from over excited children running around on concrete ground, or adults going a little bit overboard with all the cheer and festivities!

Equipping volunteers and staff members around the site with two-way radios, will allow them to call in an emergency and notify the correct teams. Getting medical attention to those injured quickly is imperative for their safety and recovery.

In emergency situations that may pose a threat to a large number of guests, walkie-talkies are excellent at enabling volunteers and staff to devise a plan quickly and concisely to keep everyone safe.

Radio Hire

Maximon Solutions has you covered for all festivals and events you may be organising all year round, and this Christmas, take advantage of our great deals for short term hire.

You won’t want to miss out!

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