Technology & Communication Newsletter – June 2021

5G technology & the future of public safety

Enhanced Communication

Since the deployment of the 4G networks across the country, the public safety industry has already changed drastically, and novel forms of communication have come to light, significantly changing our ways of doing things in many cases.

First responders are now making use of these networks, with live video feeds from body-cameras, truck-mounted cameras, CCTV cameras & drone cameras all being used to effectively inform individuals of the situation that they are responding to.

Of course, this all requires an extraordinary amount of bandwidth, & with so many advancements in technology that require low-latency connections (i.e. drone pilots who must precisely manoeuvre their equipment remotely), this will be totally necessary for public safety going forward.

Due to the effectiveness of 5G in flexibly distributing core network functions to the edge, in turn, the distance between these core functions & end devices is shortened, massively decreasing latency.

Telemedicine, remote surgery & augmented reality are no longer a figment of our imagination, & with the decrease in latency due to the introduction of new 5G networks, they are starting to have many more practical applications & will soon be best practice in many scenarios!


We are still in the first phase of development & thus it will be a few years before the aforementioned functionality can be implemented in an effective manner.

Although, the 4G/LTE networks have been developed in such a way to allow for the smooth transition into the next generation of cellular data.

All in all, this is a thoroughly exciting time for technology & public health & safety. It will be very interesting to see how things develop over the next few years, you may be fortunate enough to be saved by these new technologies at some point in the, not so distant, future!

5G technology will significantly enhance communication in many ways!

Mobile signal development in rural areas

The government’s goal is to completely wipe out cellular blind spots in rural areas, enhancing the general effectiveness of our Nationwide communication network.

£1 billion is being invested into upgrading future mast installations, as well as existing communication masts.

These expansions & upgrades involve extending the masts by up to 5 metres in height, & an additional 2 metres in width.

This will allow for a greater amount of technology & equipment to be installed onto the masts, allowing for far greater coverage areas.

This has been stated to be the necessary step to provide the whole of the UK with mobile coverage, without any blind spots.

This government scheme is being carried out to bolster the rural economy significantly & to allow growth in this area due to faster acting technology & networks.

If you’re looking for a mobile signal boosting repeater, then simply get in touch with us on 01628 878066 or click here for more repeater details!

Cloud-based technology & remote working

What was formally just a trend, in cloud-based remote work & business tools, has now become a colossal market, with many employers changing their approaches towards remote working completely & investing heavily in software that manages employment at a distance.

With many employers being sceptical towards this at first, this has now made way to many of the same business individuals realising the huge benefits of remote work; no need to pay for office space or the morning commute.  Companies have been realising that their ‘virtual’ meetings can be equally as productive as those carried out face-to-face, without the hassle of travelling to a location to participate.

This saves an unprecedented amount of time & money, opening employers up to the possibility of comprehensive remote work.  

In fact, some individuals even speculate that it is unlikely companies will want to return to the original format of doing things, & a new “hybrid” style of at-home work & office commuting is likely to emerge as the new norm.  

And of course, with the increased demand of home workers, broadband & video stream connection stability & speeds have become / will become all-the-more important.

New technology in development, including Logitech’s Rally-Bar Video Conferencing tool is being designed & implemented to further increase the usability of video calls & conferencing.

One awesome feature of this new tool includes the “adaptive beam forming mic array” which can pick up voices from every seat in the room, & in doing so, eliminating any unwanted background noise.  

The Rally Bar also makes use of the company’s Rightsense Technology & AI Viewfinder.

The ‘viewfinder’ is a second camera dedicated to finding & focussing on an individual’s exact location in a room of people, & focus on them when interacting with the conference.  

Clearly, the technology driving the move to remote employment is becoming more & more advanced & perhaps we will soon be living in a world in which there is no need for office & warehouse spaces!


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