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June 2020 – News Update


Maximon enters it’s 20th Year!

We are very excited to announce that, on June 19th, Maximon Solutions turned 20 years old! It has been a wild ride since the year 2000, and the business climate & procedures are almost unrecognisable in current times. We have enjoyed steady & healthy growth throughout these years however, it hasn’t come without its pitfalls. Surviving periods like the .com crash & the credit crunch recession of the 2000s has been very challenging however, with help from a fantastic team of determined employees we have emerged on the other side. One of our most difficult challenges yet has certainly been what we’ve faced in 2020 however, with luck and even more hope and determination we will make it through! We hope everyone is staying healthy and well and we look forward to hearing from you all when this challenging period comes to a close. Best wishes everyone – the Maximon Team.


Director’s Q&A


Richard Monson, managing director of Maximon Solutions, has taken the opportunity to answer some questions regarding the running of Maximon over the last 20 years.

Holidays in 2020

For many, the possibility of a holiday in 2020 seems unlikely at this point however, it seems the government is in negotiation with countries with low virus levels and good healthcare systems, so called “land-bridges” could be initiated to avoid two week quarantines upon return flights.

European countries including Spain, Italy, Greece, France, Turkey and Croatia to let holidaymakers go abroad this summer without having to quarantine on their return.

Austria and Germany are also among the countries officials are considering. There are hopes an announcement will be made before the UK quarantine programme is officially reviewed next Monday, to give the travel industry more time to prepare.


Maximon’s “new-normal” Solutions

As we emerge from this ‘down’ period, it seems inevitable that we will have to, at least temporarily, change the format in which our businesses operate.

Here are some ‘new normal’ communication and security solutions that Maximon has to offer:

Adesso - WT9446D DMR Digital Portable Radio - Click Image to Close


The Adesso WT-9446D is the smallest DMR handheld two way radio on the market, offering truly high quality audio within any environment, in combination with its lightweight yet stylish and robust design. These brand new transceivers are perfect for applications including construction, security, education and any place that has a need for effective and reliable communication means.

With it’s compact design and number of additional utility features, the WT-9446D is an ideal product for the ‘new normal’ and we would strongly suggest it to any business trying to thrive in this new environment.

Adesso - WT446 Twin Pack - Click Image to Close


The Adesso WT446 twin-pack is a lightweight yet rugged and robust solution for people looking to move into radio communications to help with their needs.

This is the perfect package for less-experienced radio users and is an ideal solution for those using two-way communication to deal with the extra logistical strain put on by ‘new normal’ measures. It combines affordable pricing with a high performance specification, whilst working within the PMR446 frequency so no licence is required.

This twin pack comes with 2 radios, batteries, antennas, beltclips, chargers, lanyard straps and acoustic tube earpieces.

Pronto P-4460 Licence Free Business Radio - Click Image to Close


The Pronto P-4460 Licence Free Business Radio is designed to be extremely tough, compact and benefits from a high output speaker to offer super clear audio quality even in high noise environments.

These transceivers are totally at home in all business applications including construction, security, education and anywhere that has a necessity for stable reliable communications. P-4460 benefits from a sophisticated battery save function sending the radio into sleep mode prolonging battery life whilst never missing a transmission.

This makes them a staple in modern day business and ideal for individuals both new and experienced in the ways of two-way radio, and to those adjusting to the strain of the ‘new normal’ that we must adhere to.


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